Wealth Tree with Mongoose And 6 Birds

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This exquisite statue highlights the golden wealth tree surrounded with jewels and ingots with a jewel-spouting mongoose under the tree as well as 6 lovely birds in the branches, symbolizing abundant wealth and infinite opportunities.

The Mongoose, the pet of the Dzambala who the Tibetan God of Wealth is, is well-known for its capability of spouting jewels while the 6 birds represents innumerable opportunities for fortune in all directions. In 2020, the #8 Wealth Star will dominate the Northeast sector, so it is highly recommended to place this auspicious wealth tree statue in the Northeast so that it can attract wealth luck from the Wealth Star.

Weight: 1195 grams, Height: 17.5 cm, Length: 10.3 cm, Width: 6.5 cm, Make: Metal

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