Wealth Tree to Bring 3 Kind of Wealth

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This fabulous wealth tree brings 3 manifestations of wealth  this wealth tree is supposed to bring 3 kinds of wealth luck : Assets wealth, income wealth and growth wealth.

Features 12 lucky charms – the Double Fish, Apple, Treasure Chest, Golden Ingot, Wealth Vase, Abacus, I-Ching Coin, Gold Bars, 4-Leafed Clover, Maneki Neko Lucky Cat, and Pot of Gold. Its leaves are studded with 18 pieces of precious jewels. All these lucky charms have the meanings of wealth, prosperity, and good health. 

Place in the West in 2021 to activate the Wealth Star, or anywhere in your home to attract abundant prosperity luck for the family. 

Weight: 600 grams, Height: 14.5 cm, Length: 13.5 cm, Width: 8.0 cm,  Metal

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