Trinity Of Victory Horses Hanging Keychain

Trinity Of Victory Horses Hanging Keychain

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This beautiful Trinity Of Victory Horses Hanging Keychain features a set of three triumphant victory horses embellished with fine detail, craftsmanship, and vibrant color. The brown, white, and red victory horses carry victory flags; carry this lovely keychain in your purse, wallet, car, etc. for success and good fortune throughout the year! Victory horses are a strong symbol and feng shui enhancer for hindrance-free endeavors, successful opportunities, and triumphant victory.

As the 7th sign of the Chinese zodiac, the horse is an excellent symbol of reputation, victory, strength, and endurance. Placing a horse figurine in a room or office will help enhance positive chi and attract good fortune chi. The horse’s allies are the tiger, dog, and sheep; placing your horse figurine with these animals will help increase the auspicious chi in an environment.

The horse’s direction is south, its intrinsic element is fire, and it is strong representation of yang. Thus, place your horse figurine in the South sector to help activate fame, inner strength, recognition, and power. Display a horse figurine in SE for wealth, in South position to gain good fame or in North position to bring chance to successful career.

The dimension of the feng shui keychain is approx. 4" in length. It is made of alloy.

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