The Tai Sui plaque 2021

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The Tai Sui plaque 2021 features the noble Tai Sui (also known as God of the Year or Grand Duke Jupiter). In Chinese culture, Tai Sui is a position in the celestial heavens responsible for the world's affairs for a certain year. People's happiness, luck, fortune, health, and prosperity are all under his control. It is said that one must appease and pay respect to Tai Sui to avoid a year full of obstacles and difficulties.

The Tai Sui in 2021 is General Yang Xin. It stands for conflict and violence in the coming year.  2021 Tai Sui is sitting in NE1. So you can also display/hang this 2021 plaque over there. 

Animal signs affected by the Tai Sui this year are the Earth signs of Sheep, Dragon and Dog, while the Ox whose location he occupies should also be careful of his presence there. For these 4 signs, we recommend that you always carry the Tai Sui Amulet through the year.

Width: 1.4 cm, Length: 13.0 cm, Height: 10.0 cm, Weight: 145 grams,  Metal plated and fireboard

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