The Earth Cross Mirror

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The Earth Cross Mirror features 4 animals on one side and powerful syllable with mirror on the reverse side.  Those 4 animals are Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog, which are represent Earth Element, together to build a strong foundation for whatever you build, create or generate this year.

This 4-element cross mirror will have strong foundations that last a very long time. This mirror is especially useful for those just starting out on a new job or just embarking on a new career or going off to College. It keeps you determined whatever course you set yourself.  Whatever it is new, such as new relationship, new project or home, is highly recommended to display this mirror near you.


The dimension of this mirror is approx. Weight: 325 grams, Height: 15.0 cm, Length: 8.0 cm, Width: 6.0 cm. Make: Metal

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