Tai Sui Plaque 2020

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Tai Sui Plaque 2020 highlights the noble Tai Sui (also known as Grand Duke Jupiter). In Chinese culture, Tai Sui is a position in the celestial heavens responsible for the world's affairs for a certain year. People's happiness, luck, fortune, health, and prosperity are all under his control. It is said that one must appease and pay respect to Tai Sui to avoid a year full of obstacles and difficulties.

The Tai Sui in 2020 is General Lu Mi, who brings a year of growth and reestablishment after difficulties in previous years. Everyone in business who gains his support will recover from losses and he will always stand on your side when you are in trouble.

In 2020 year of the rat,  Chinese zodiac rat, horse, rabbit and rooster are against/side against Tai sui. its strongly recommend that this Tai Sui Plaque be displayed in the North to appease the Tai Sui during the whole year of 2020.

Place this Tai Sui Plaque in the North to appease the Tai Sui for the year. Those born in years of the Rat, Rooster, Rabbit and Horse should also carry a Tai Sui Amulet to protect them from Tai Sui this year (2020). 

Width: 1.4 cm,Length: 13.0 cm,Height: 10.0 cm,Weight: 145 grams.Make: Metal plated .

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