TAI SUI 2020

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TAI SUI 2020

Feng Shui means understanding that Chi ( energy ) moves and changes within an environment, and that the way “Chi” may influence everyone’s, health, career, and relationships. Because the world isn’t stagnant and, in fact, the entire universe is expanding and contracting, much like a living being, energy within the universe is dynamic.  It’s living and changing all the time.

The ever-moving annual energies helps to explain why one year may be fantastic and the next year, or even the month, can change significantly.

Each year, Feng Shui energy changes and one year may find that the south direction is filled with wonderful prosperity or romance energy and the next year it is associated with gossip and legal issues .

In most years there are typically five positive sectors and four negative sectors where the annual afflictions, like the  Tai Sui ( Grand Duke Jupiter), 3 Killings, Black 2 Illness stars and 5 yellow falls. What’s most important to know is which afflictions have the greatest opportunity for harming you and those around you and how to know where they are and how to handle them, so that you are ready for each year’s energetic shifts.

Tai Sui ( The Grand Duke Jupiter)

The Grand Duke Jupiter is an energy that is associated with authority and can be quite helpful. Because it’s an energy associated with authority and strength, it’s always best to prevent offending him by looking directly at his direction.

2020 is the year of metal Rat. There will be certain zodiac animals’ signs that are under the influence of Tai Sui – the Grand Duke Jupiter who oversees people’s fortune in that particular year is also often called the God of the Year because he occupies the 15 degrees of the compass of the animal for the year. There will be a different assigned Tai Sui every year that is on duty. The Tai Sui in 2020 is General Lu Mi, born in the Kunshan City and lived during the Ming Dynasty, he brings a year of growth and restoration after difficulties in previous years. Everyone in business who gains his support will recover from losses and he will always stand on your side when you are in trouble.

For each year, there is an association with the Chinese Zodiac animal, such as year of the metal rat . The Grand Duke takes up 15 degrees of the compass, which is the exact sector of the zodiac year animal. In 2020, the Tai Sui resides in the sector of the Rat, North (352.5 – 7.5). When arranging one’s living,  work or study space, it is important to ensure one never confronts the Tai Sui . You must no face North, even if is one of your lucky direction according to your Kua number.

The Grand Duke is habitually called an affliction but having his support will give you help throughout the year. That’s why you should not sit facing the direction of the annual energy and instead can help you when you have his energy behind you, supporting you like a big mountain.

Each year, four different animal signs are at risk from the Tai  Sui in Chinese, you are said to be

 Fan Tai Sui”.

The Rat(  health issues and heavy stress ) , Rabbit (torturing Tai Sui) is in indirect conflict with Tai Sui. Arguments or even legal issues are possible. Horse (conflict with Tai Sui) and will experience highs and lows this year, it appears things are in general working against them. The Rooster (indirect conflict with Tai Sui). The threat of being misunderstood or betrayed by others is particularly an issue. 

As with the other afflictions, you should keep this area quiet and undisturbed.  Avoid loud noises and digging or renovating this area of the house or business. If you’re doing a complete renovation, then you can renovate this area. The traditional formula indicated that you don’t start or end your renovation in this sector ( (352.5 – 7.5) North. Like the 3 killings, 2 Black and Five yellow stars disturbing this area or confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter may cause illness, loss of wealth, relationships etc. .   

 How to Remedy the Grand Duke Jupiter

The only real remedy for the Grand Duke is to avoid facing him and keeping the area where he is located quiet and undisturbed. Do Not dig in this location. You can also use a Pi Yao or Tai Sui Plaque 2020  in the location of the Grand Duke to help appease him.

Wearing a Tai Sui Talisman if you’re in the sign of the year, (Rat )or you’re the sign opposite the sign of the year, (Horse) or if you are “Fan Tai Sui” for the year.

Anyone who spends time in an afflicted area will come under its influence. This is especially vital to focus on afflictions that fall in a bedroom, your front door home or business. Also, some family members are more at risk than others. Anyone in your household who is elderly, ill, or very young, will fall under the influence of the afflictions.

The God of the Year (Tai Sui) changes every year. Tai Sui amulets/plaque/keychains you purchased in the past year cannot be reused. To dispose them, simply wrap them in a piece of red paper, thank them and discard.



This affliction is called San Sha in Chinese and can brings  three kinds of afflictions if disturbed. In 2020 the Three Killings are South ( 157.5-202.5). The 3 killings consist of 3 types of Sha Chi, Robbery, Disaster and Setbacks . The first is associated with loss of wealth, disaster health problems and setback obstacles  no matter what endeavors you pursue. All of it related to subterfuge and deception. Make sure that you don’t confuse the 3 Killings with the 3 green Jade Star because they are very different.

The 3 Jade is an energy that moves from sector to sector and can cover all nine sectors. The 3 Killings, also known as the three curses, can create three kinds of affliction, loss of health, wealth, and relationships.

It can also affect the ability to concentrate, communicate, and create unkind words between people. Like the 3 Jade, the 3 Killings can also indicate lawsuits, defamation, and slander.

Make sure not to sit within with your back to the direction of the Three Killings, you’re exposing yourself to the harmful influence.

Take care not to undertake any repair or restoration work in the area that is affected. It is also important to avoid digging, or noise in this area.

You can suppress this negative affliction  with the Three Lions Remedy in red The Three Killings also creates issues for those born in the year of the Horse. Place this powerful cure in the South.