Ring of 21 Taras

Ring of 21 Taras

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Arouse protection, good fortune, and auspicious chi with this gorgeous Colored Ring of the 21 Taras! Crafted with brilliant craftsmanship, colorful jewels, and beautiful style, this ring can bring you the protective auras of the powerful Goddess Tara and keep you safe from harm.

The 21 Zircons in the middle of the ring represent the 21 Tara’s, and the 7 colored jewels represent the Tara’s 7 colors. Lined along the inside of the ring is the mantra of Tara: "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha". It is believed that pressing the mantra against your skin brings you the protection from the great Goddess Tara and the motivation and courage needed to gain personal success.

There are script inside the ring.  The 21 Tara ring is approx. size 7.5 and it is made of metal

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