Red Crystal Ball with Golden and Blue Stand

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This beautiful red crystal ball is delicately seated on top of a carved golden and blue stand. The crystal ball, the vibrant red color of which is associated with abundant wealth, can be utilized as a cure to neutralize the negative effects brought by the #3 hostile Flying Star.

The dangerous star #3 brings arguments, jealousies, betrayals and even lawsuits, eventually resulting in your losses of wealth. Therefore, it's extremely essential to display this mighty red crystal ball in your house or office so as to protect yourself from harmful energies, get along well with your friends, colleagues, or collaborators in business, and thus offer you continuous wealth luck as well as boundless prosperity.

Combined with the delicately carved golden and blue stand, the Chinese characters in front of the stand "Cai Yuan Gun Gun" meaning "continuous wealth" remarkably enhance the elegance of the crystal ball.

Weight: 865 grams, Diameter: 8.0 cm, Height: 9.5 cm, Make: Glass 

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