Power Elephants with Warrior

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Guide yourself to victory and success with this Power Elephant with a Warrior on its back ! The elephant glistens in a rich white ivory color, and is detailed with a mystic knot, vibrant colors, excellent craftsmanship, sparkling jewels, and gold embellishments.  The triumphant elephant returns with a victorious warrior riding on its back and carries a Magic Barrel filled with treasure. In 2018, the Star of Victory flies to the Northwest location

Since antiquity, the elephant has been a powerful symbol of strength, good fortune, knowledge, and fertility. This unique animal is considered sacred in Buddhism and Asian mythology and has a strong influence on its beholder’s spirit and luck. The Feng Shui elephant has the same utility as Fu dogs, and are a popular protection cure with their physical power and strength.

Place this gorgeous victory elephant on your desk for enhanced promotion opportunities and career advancements. This magical victory elephant will allow you to achieve higher and greater standings and increase your “power” presence at work.

The dimension of the Power Elephant with Warrior is approx. 4 3/4" x 2" x 4 1/4".  It is made of alloy.

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