Phoenix Mirror with Wish-Granting Mantra

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Showing a phoenix on one side as well as the wish-granting mantra on the reverse, this exquisite phoenix mirror delivers vitality, perseverance, resilience and new opportunities. The phoenix, regarded as the symbol of success after going through any type of adversity, can encourage those involved in business activities to rise above any obstacles with courage and determination. Only if they go through all kinds of difficulties can they achieve their aspirations successfully, and the wish-granting mantra can help to achieve your wishes if you make your wish in front of the mirror.

Therefore, it's up to you to keep this mirror near you for safeguard or just display it in your office. Both methods mentioned above are beneficial for warding off harmful energies and inviting in good luck and vitality. 

You can also place the phoenix mirror with the dragon mirror as a pair for happy marriage. Whenever you feel “negativity” scan the room/surroundings with the mirror – the mirror will absorb all negative energy that may be lingering nearby. This keeps you safe and ensure interactions you have with others go smoothly. Occasionally, take these mirrors out into the sun to cleanse them and to renew their power.

Weight: 205 grams, Diameter: 8.8 cm, Height: 14.7 cm, Make: Metal with Enamel

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