November 2020 Flying Star Feng Shui analysis

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November 2020 Flying Star Feng Shui analysis

This chart is from November 08 to December 07, 2020.

During November we can see two continuous numbers in every area of the chart : 3-4 ,1-2, etc.   The most auspicious areas during this month are the Center, North West and West. For those with Mouth of Chi ( main door and bedroom) on the South West and North East should keep attention to health, during this month. 

Center  # 7 and # 8

The prosperity star # 8 flies into the center this month bringing with it energy that attracts good fortune and career luck to everyone. Suppressing the #7 annual star, while activating the Wealth Star #8.  A great activator for the #8 is the Dragon & Rat Prosperity 8, as well as Wealth Cabinets. Display a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant  to keep the #7 well under control.

North West  # 8 and # 9

The Dog, Pig, The Patriarch, and those with Mouth of Chi ( main door) and bedroom in this sector will be supported with good fortune energies. Good news will come pouring in. Career luck and business luck is fantastic . Display a 9 Rank Badge Plaque or Yang Energy Amulet Plaque here to boost the Increasing Star, which in turn multiply the annual wealth star #8. For those in business, display a  White Dzambhala with Four Dakinis in this part of the business. Take advantage of the energies by organizing social events and creating activity here. Carry a  Feng Shui Pagoda Amulet. Watch however, because the combination also suggests conflict between the older and younger generation.

West  # 9 and #1

Mouth of Chi ( main door) bedroom and the Rooster and  youngest daughter are blessed this month with the number of two stars add up to generate the sum of ten, therefore the energy created here will become extra beneficial for progression in both career and financial activities. Even so is a good combination the double water star # 1 conflicting with the fire # 9 may attract unexpected change or loss because of the fire – water conflict.Display a Red Windhorse for Success Luck here to capture the auspiciousness. Carry a Victory Banner Amulet Keychain and Sum-of-Ten Enhancer Amulet. Keep the West part of the home activated with bright lights, sound  and music.

Northeast   # 1 and # 2

The #2 Illness Star landed  this month bringing  negative illness energy. The Tiger , Ox and the  youngest son, will especially be affected. If your mouth of Chi ( main door) or bedroom is in this sector. The earth # 2 and the water # 1 are in conflict and can attract illness, and conflict between male and female energies causing tension in relationships. Place a Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity or  a Display Medicine Buddha near the front door. Place a metal  Wu Lou by your bedside for better health. . Avoid spending a lot of time in this sector is possible, especially those who are pregnant, aged or very ill.

North  # 3 and # 4

Mouth of Chi ( main door) bedroom are supporting  this sector for those involved in academic and literary pursuits. Display a Scholar on Dragon Carp  here for exam luck as the energies are excellent for studies and scholarly success. To enhance it. Students should carry a Scholastic Amulet Keychain . Love and romantic  luck is enhanced however the excess wood  energy ( # 3 and # 4) may cause infidelity and romantic scandals. Display Banner of Love Kurulkulle Flag here and carry a 9 Tailed White Fox Amulet Keychain.

South West  # 4 # 5

The South West  gets afflicted with the misfortune star bringing money loss and bad luck to the Sheep, Monkey and matriarch, as well as those with their  Mouth of Chi ( main door ) or bedroom located here. The nasty #5 Yellow Star brings bad luck of all kinds and continual stress brought by financial crisis, accidents, serious sickness. Place the 5-Element Pagoda with “Om Ah Hum To suppress the unfortunate energies and is best kept quiet this area of the home during this month. Carry a Five Element Pagoda Keychain with Om Ah Hum or a Health amulet. In the bedroom display  The God of Longevity or a Golden Wu Lou .

East  # 5 and # 6

A prosperous month for those who spend lots of time in this sector or have the Mouth of Chi ( main door) or bedroom in this sector and the First son and Rabbit. Good speculative luck and windfall from heaven luck brought by the monthly #6 Heavenly flying star. Place the Red cabinet  near your main door . A benefactor may appear to help you out of predicament. Activate mentor luck with the  Gui Ren Talisman or Buddha's Foot Windchime.  However could be threat of mental stress and irritation arising from health problems. Display the God of Longevity for long life and good health.

South East  # 6 # 7

Two metal stars created excess of metal energy magnifies the possibility of violence, robbery and conflict for individuals who spend a lot of time in this sector. Dragon, Snake and eldest daughter are most affected by this combination. This Excess of metal energies in this area  could bring threats of violence, accident and injuries, keep sharp objects away from this area to avoid injuries, which lead to excessive bleeding. If your mouth of Chi is located in this area ,display a  Salt Water cure  Kuan Kung on Horseback for protection against getting cheated. Beware accidents that could lead to injury, especially to young males, or Blue Elephant and Rhino With Talisman Feathers and Anti-Robbery Amulet. Carry the Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or Anti Robbery Amulet with Blue Rhino & Elephant