Nine Phoenix Plaques

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The phoenix is the queen of all winged creatures, and strongly symbolizes feminine power, hope, and good fortune. While the dragon is the most powerful symbol of yang, the phoenix is the most powerful representation of yin. The phoenix represents new hope, change, resurrection, infinity, rebirth, luck, and new opportunities.

The 9 Phoenixes is as well is the best remedy against any hostile energies that may be present. These golden celestial birds against a vermilion sky brings together the two elements of Fire and Metal that work to suppress the  wood #3 Quarrelsome Star. The Fire element energy engulfs the Wood of #3, the Metal energy effectively subdues it.

A great good fortune enhancer for long-lasting prosperity and good reputation. Place where the fire  #9 star has flown. 

Weight: 240 grams, Height: 4.7 cm, , Length: 10.0 cm , Metal

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