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The center sector affects the whole household and everyone in general. The Five Yellow joining the red negative #7, this makes a dangerous location brining along, troubles, accidents, legal complication and illness.  Combined with the period eight chat 8 and 5 obstacles, this brings illness and money complications.  Being this combo in the center is indicative that we are not totally rid of the complications we are facing at the present time so be cautious.  We can reduce the power of Five yellow with Five element Pagoda, Metal emperor coins and/or 
Wu Lou Antahkarana. Avoid any construction in the center and keep the area quiet. 


The 6 White Fortune Star visits the Southeast in 2020. The 6 Fortune Star Yang Metal.  The Southeast Section is the home of the 4 Green Literary Stars, which is the Wood element.   With the monthly star #4 returning home this month, the Wood #4 Green and the Metal #6 White creates a domination relationship.  On a positive note those engaged in creative work will find ideas to enhance creativity. This is extremely positive for females except for the oldest daughter.  With the presence of the period #7-star #4 star and #7 star (metal controls wood) this may produce stress related illness, arguments and lung diseases.  With the #6 and #7 (two metal stars) this may attract power and promotion but in a negative way which can produce illness, accidents and arguments. Saltwater remedies can reduce the conflicting energies of #6 and #7.  A sum of ten enhancer in this area can also assist.     


The South sector with the illness black earth #2 gets magnified by the visiting fire #9 star.  Fire generates earth in a way which can produce wealth but on the negative side may produce illness associated with the heart, head digestive system.  The #9 and #3 (wood feeds the fire ) intelligence and a bit of money luck and #2 and #3 produce what we name in Feng Shui a Bull Fight combination which  bring argument, legal entangles and conflicts.  We can use Marriage Happiness Ducks, saltwater cure and have a Wu Lou in this area to ensure the health of your family.  Make sure to add remedies especially if this area is in your kitchen, bedroom or the Mouth of Chi (front door).  


The monthly illness star #2 flies to the SW, affecting all matriarchs.  Wood #4 controls the earth illness star #2 producing family disharmony, conflict for the matriarch, illness related to the abdominal region stomach and food poisoning.  # 2 stars and #5 stars are one of the worst combinations in Feng Shui, all types of illness, accidents and misfortune.   #4 and #5 (wood controls earth) attracts digestive problems.  Avoid any type of construction in this area.  Remedy with a Golden Garuda Wu Lou, Saltwater cure, Kwan Yin w/ Fish Bringing Abundance and if there is discord between wives and their mothers-in-law; calm with a Gold Apple with Peace Symbol.


The argumentative star here can cause disputes stemming from too much time together (wood controls earth).  The wood #3 together with the earth yellow #5 can produce arguments, money loss, robbery and illness.   Avoid any construction or moving furniture here.  #3 star combined with period star #6 (metal controls wood) the patriarch and the oldest son may run into legal entangles and possible injuries by metal.  The #5 and #6 (metal exhausts earth) brings illness associated with the head and stomach.   It is best to stay away from this area.  Keep the East as quiet as possible this month.  Set up a Five Element Pagoda with the sacred seed syllables Om Ah Hum, a saltwater cure and a Garuda Wu Lou.



The annual #9 West is affected with the #7 (fire controls metal) which brings illness associated with fire like bleeding, fever, heart disease and fire related accidents.  From a material perspective, this brings disagreements and money loss.  Those Mouths of Chi (main doors) which is in the West need be more careful with money during this month and avoid any speculative investments.  Unwanted sexual advances are part of this combination also so be cautious.  Combined with the period eight chat# 1 and #7, this can produce accidents with metal, illness and money loss.  The 9 and the period 1 (water controls fire) can produce unstable luck.  Keep away from triangular forms, red color candles or any fire associated elements. Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Talisman Feathers placed here to suppress the negative energies.  Place a few green plants  or a green carpet to harmonize the fire /water conflict.



The earth #6 star has flown into the North West, making this an extremely lucky sector.   Together with the annual #8, this can be greatly beneficial for anyone spending time in this area of the house / office.   This combination is particularly auspicious for career or business luck.   Now # 6 with the period star # 1 may produce a bit of conflict (fire controls metal) rebellious kids/ teen and can reduce luck.  The annual # 1 and the # 8 combination brings with it health, happy events, wealth luck, fame and success.  We can activate with the 9 Rank Badge Plaque and the Citrine Tree in Money Pot (to reduce metal/fire conflict).  This is one of the best areas during May.



North belongs to the water element, the water # 1 has landed here.  Combined with the yearly # 3 water generated wood, may produce fame and success but on the negative side can attract moving, anxiety caused by legal entanglements and money loss.  With the period star #4, (#1) is good for students and work promotions and with the #4 and # 3 (two wood stars) can indicate troubles in marriage or relationship.  Place a Windhorse Victory Flag for those needing to safeguard their jobs and careers.  Add a bit of red to harmonize #1 and #3.  Great Increasing Jewel red color and Scholastic Amulet.


The Northeast is the home of the 8 White Money Stars which also brings fame and wealth.  Its element is Earth.  1 white and 8 white have a domination relationship.  These two fortune and money Stars go hand in hand and can attract fame, prosperity, money and on the human side health.  Combined  with the period star #2 and #8 can indicate  females in power attracting business luck, and # 1 and # 2 (water and earth conflicting)  indicating female in power may produce relationship imbalance and  illness associated with spleen and stomach.  We should harmonize adding in this area, an image of Kuan Kung on Horseback in the front part of your home watching your front door and Herb Wu Lou to reduce the power of #2 or emperor's coins.  Avoid construction during this month.