March 2021 Feng Shui Chart Forecast

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March 2021 Feng Shui Chart Forecast

The Feng Shui charts for March 2021, including the 2021, Period 8 chart, and March 2021 chart.

The best area is West in March 2021. It has #1 White water , 6 White metal , and 8 White earth stars. Those are all extremely auspicious stars. You can add special Feng Shui enhancers on this area  and spend time here.

Remember star are only a number on a chart but need real energies to be activated . Make sure to keep this area clean and free of clusters to allow the good Chi to flow. 


The wood # 4 star of knowledge and intelligence control the #8 earth star this can produce some  depression and stress affecting  especially younger males.

The white metal # 6  control wood # 4. In a way this combination can be interpreted as intelligence and power but also depression and stress affecting the oldest daughter the most .

The # 6 white metal year star and the # 8 earth period star are extremely auspicious and can attract fame and wealth.

Asset Wealth Bull    Lou Han sitting on Dragon Tortoise. 


The # 6 white metal and the # 8 white earth are producing a very suspicious combination and can attract wealth ,fame and career luck.

The # 6 white metal enhancing the # 1 water star again this is an incredibly lucky combo and can draw career luck ,success promotions and helpful people.

The # 1 water and the # 8 white earth is a positive combination attracting intelligence, success, and blessing luck.

This is one of the most auspicious sectors during this month. Boost this area with wealth enhancer and spend time here.

Tree brings 3 kinds of wealth  Ox finding hidden wealth


The evil yellow earth # 5  misfortune and illness is enhancing with the # 9 fire star and can produce diseases like blood problems, eyes heart and head .

The metal red # 7 associated with conflict, robbery and quarrel so be aware of argument and gossip during this month.

The # 7 red metal is being control by the # 9 fire star producing a clashing of energies and can attract all type of problems. 

To reduce risk do not display in this area any red color, candles, sharp objects. Do not plan any renovation on this area during this month and set up cures for Yellow 5 star .  

Healing Deer Carrying the Vase of Longevity.


The wood # 4 and the # 9 fire are producing a good combination wood feeds the fire # 9 indicating the possibilities of success, fame, and advances.

The fire # 9 and the black earth # 2 ( fire produce earth ) creating a auspicious combination indicating intelligence and career success.

Relationships imbalance are producing by # 4 wood star controlling the black illness star # 2.

Avoid construction in this sector and add Fen Shui cures for # 2 illness star.

Medicine Buddha and 7 Sugata, . Tortoise-Snake Health Talisman 


The red # 7 and the # 2 black star possibilities of producing some wealth but also relationship complications.

The fire # 9 controls the the metal red # 7 are producing a clashing type of Chi

The fire # 9 and the earth illness # 2 are in a way lucky may attract career success

Anti Burglary Plaque , Night Spot Protection amulet, Anti Robbery Amulet 2021 with Blue Rhino and Elephant 


The black illness # 2 and the wood # 4 are producing a relationship imbalance and conflicts.

The black earth # 2 generates the # 6 white metal indicating the possibilities of good money luck.

The metal # 6 is controlling the wood star # 4 and can attract intelligence but at the same time mental issues like depression affecting the most the oldest daughter.  

Again on this sector  Feng Shui cures for star # 2. 

 Pair of Garuda Wu Lou with anti illness amulet. Health talisman holder with Wu Lou and mystic knot 


The # wood # 3 and the red metal # 7 are attracting gossip, argument and the possibilities of legal tangles.

The # wood 3 control the earht # 5 and can produce accidents, money loss , illness and many types of obstacles.

The yellow earth # 5 and the red metal # 7 ( both negatives stars) can attract illness, lawsuit and quarrel.

Avoid construction on this sector during this month and add  Feng Shui cures  for yellow # 5

Dragon Pi Xie ,   Pair of Garuda Wu Lou with anti illness amulet, Dragon Horse or Chi Lin , saltwater cure 


The water # 1 and the # white earth #8 both good positive stars indicating possibilities of wealth, prosperity ,career success and advance.

The wood # 3 is controlling the earth # 8 and can produce family related arguments.

The water # 1 is generating the wood # 3 indicating wealth luck and success is study.

Adding wealth enhances in this area will benefice the good stars.   

Ox finding hidden wealth.


The water # 1 and wood # 3 attract wealth luck and intelligence

The yellow # 5 earth star control the good star # 1 and may be causing diseases

The wood # 3 is controlling the yellow # 5 and can attract robbery, obstacles, illness and accidents by metal .

Add Feng Shui cure  for yellow # 5 and Avoid any type of construction on this are during this month  

The Dragon Horse or Chi Lin  Metal Wu lou