Lucky Money Frog on Waterlily Leaf

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Golden money frog on a beautiful waterlily leaf, this auspicious statue is believed to bring in boundless wealth into your house.

The Money Frog, also called "3-Legged Toad" or "Chinese Wealth Toad", is one of the most common used feng shui product in practice Feng Shui, representing wealth, prosperity, good luck and abundance. Therefore, in order to provide a consistent and steady flow of income for your household, it is highly recommended to display this Lucky Money Frog where it is clearly visible, like on a tabletop in the dining room, where your family members gather together most frequently and thus vital energies arise and may attract wealth luck.  Display this money charm home where the #8 and #9 flying stars are located.

Approx. 4.375" x 4.375" x 1.5". It is made of metal.

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