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Adorn with fantastic craftmanship, this Kuan Kung on Horseback statue is regarded as the symbol of wealth and provide protections for politicians and business leaders alike. He is one of famous Chinese general during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China (206 BC - 220 AD). People regard him as the god of wealth as well as the protector while his weapon, the Guan Dao sword with dragon pictures can prevent from bad energy and evil. Kuan Kung, also known as Kuan Ti, is regarded as a God of War, but also a God of Wealth. When depicted on horseback, he is in combat mode and brings awesome protection for the Patriarch and prosperity luck for the whole household.

Guan Gong is the excellent god for protecting business or house. He can protect business and bring wealth to business. He can protect your business from fraud, accidents, lawsuits and embezzlement. He can ward off competitors and help your business to succeed. He is also suitable for those who seeks for powers and authority.  He also can watch all bad spirits and safeguard from burglary and bad people. 

Place Kuan Kung in the front part of your home watching your front door! The fiercer his countenance, the more powerful he is said to be. You can also place him in the North West, the sector representing the Patriarch.  

Weight: 1350 grams, Height: 17.0 cm, Length: 16.0 cm, Width: 8.8 cm, Make: Metal  

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