June 2020 Flying Star Feng Shui chart analysis

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June 2020 Flying Star Feng Shui chart analysis


The # 7 red metal is controlling the wood # 4. This combination can  indicate lot of worry associated with relationships and career. The number # 4 star is related to the oldest daughter. Possible disagreement. legal issue, or stress illness for the eldest daughter.

Remedy : Water Element to balance metal and wood . (metal generates water and water generates wood).

#4and #  8 -Wood controls earth . Stress and illness for youngest or pregnant women. Use fire element to harmonize the # 4 and  #8 stars. (Wood generates fire and fire generates earth.)

The Earth # 8  generates metal # 7 .Financial gains , good fortune, and harmony in relationship.

Display  Kuan Kung on Horseback here for protection .


North: The  Wood# 4  generates fire # 9 and can bring fame and promotion. The wood  # 3 produces fire # 9 and activate  Intelligence, fame, wealth. Display a Red Carpet or the Gold Apple with Peace Symbol. The energies of conflict here can also cause intense fights or even litigation. 


The Earth  star # 2 controls the water #1 and can attract disharmony in relationship and illness. The  female can overpower the male attracting discord.  Use metal element to harmonize between earth and water. The red robbery star # 7 flies into this area and can bring robbery and  loss of wealth . Place a Blue Elephant & Rhino Talisman to protect against robbery. A metal Wu Lou can help too.

 North West

The # 8 white star indicates fame and wealth, but the  #5 yellow star can bring health problem and obstacles. Use metal to reduce # 5 yellow stars. Carry the Five Element Pagoda Talisman .and a salt water cure can help too.   


The # 3  Wood star controls the earth #8 creating conflicts . Possible money loss or injury. Use fire element to balance between the earth and wood.

 The # 2 and # 3  Bull fight combinations can attract legal entangles . Use fire element such as a candle . (Wood # 3  generates fire and fire generates earth # 2.

The annual illness star # 2 gets enhanced by the Earth energy of the visiting #8 star, so best to ensure you have health cures in place here. The God of Longevity is excellent here, as it the Healing  Wu Lou. For investment luck, display a Wealth Cabinet in Blue in the South this month.


The negative earth star # 5  controls the white water #1. And this star is related to middle son (second son). Watch out for illness related to the second son. use metal object to reduce the 5 yellow star's power. The #4 #1 helps students and those pursuing knowledge.  Display a Red Wind horse . Display a pair of Marriage Happiness Ducks here to protect the marriage. 

South East

The red metal # 7,and the white metal # 6 ( Sword fight) can produce argument, legal trouble, and accident. On the other hand,  It can indicate promotion and power too. Both stars are metal element, so it’s called sword fight .Use a salt water cure to control it , for wealth carry  the Mongoose Wealth Amulet . Health-wise, this sector is highly unfavorable for women this month. Display a Wu Lou as a remedy for health.  


The combinations of # 1, and  # 9 stars are auspicious indicating fame, happiness, and wealth but the water # 1  is controlling the fire # 9 . The luck is unpredictable. Use wood element to harmonize between water and fire (Water generates wood, wood generates fire). The white metal # 6 and the fire #  9  are together.  Both stars are auspicious but the fire element #9 controls the metal # 6 . The luck is unstable. Earth element to balance  # 6 and  # 9. (Fire generates earth and earth generates metal.)  If your bedroom is located here, place a Wu Lou beside your bed to protect you from illness.


One of the worse combinations are on the East, the earth # 5 together with black earth #2.  Two negative stars together indicate, illness, accident, loss, and misfortune.

# 2#  5 and metal # 6 stars together can indicate presence of the Yin ‘Chi” in this area . No construction or lot of activity in this area  Keep it quiet this month. To overcome the illness energies here, display a pair of Wu Lou and carry a   Health Amulet ,  saltwater cure will help too.