Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman

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Depicting the mighty Jade Emperor on one side and the Qui Ren amulet on the reverse, this powerful  talisman plaque is believed to boost mentor luck and provide support from someone influential. The Jade Emperor, known as "Yu Huang Da Di" in Chinese, is the supreme dominator of the Heavens while the Qui Ren amulet can bring in assistance from anyone powerful.

Therefore, in 2020, it is highly recommended to place this auspicious talisman plaque near you or in the Southeast sector, where it can maximize the power of the #6 Heaven Star, so that you can attract all the best opportunities and obtain support from wise and helpful mentors. This talisman plaque is particularly helpful for those who are eager for career success, goodwill from others, or funds from investors , or who are dealing with bureaucracy, or who need to deal with people in power bravely!

Weight: 70 grams ,Height: 7.0 cm ,Length: 4.5 cm ,Width: 2.0 cm ,Make: Metal & Acrylic


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