Golden Garuda Wu Lou

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The Golden Garuda affixed to the Wu Lou, is one of the best feng shui cures to dispelling illness, obstacles, difficulties, and negative Chi. The Garuda Bird is a powerful celestial protector to overcome sickness energy.  The Wu Lou is also a potent Feng Shui cure to enhance good health luck. 

In 2020 the illness Star # 2 it flies into the South (affecting specially Horses). Those with the mouth of Chi, (front door) facing the afflicted direction, offices, living room or bedroom located in this sector should counter this feared star from bringing sickness by placing a Golden Garuda Wu Lou.

This golden Garuda is made of brass. The dimension of it is approx. 3.75" x 2.5" x 6.

As for most Feng Shui cures, we do not recommend keeping them for more than a year because it would have absorbed a good deal of negative energy and can no longer works as a potent remedy. If your cure is broken or has damage of any sort, it is particularly important to replace it.

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