God of Longevity

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Featuring the God of Longevity holding a peach in his left hand and a dragon staff with the Wu Lou hanging on it in his right hand with 2 cranes standing near by, this exquisite statue is rather beneficial for bringing in good health and longevity luck. "Sau" in one of the 3 celestials of good fortune. He oversees bringing good health and long life to those who have his presence in the home.

The God of Longevity "Sau" is a symbol of well-being and long life, while the peach, the dragon staff, the Wu Lou as well as the cranes all provide protections against illness. Thus, it is highly recommended to display this auspicious god statue in the South of your house to ward off sickness energy. 

Weight: 520 grams, Height: 12.0 cm, Length: 10.3 cm, Width: 6.5 cm, Make: Metal       

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