Flying Star Updates for July 2020

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 6/29/2020 to News
Flying Star Updates for July 2020


The wood # 3 is visiting the center for the month of July together with the yearly red # 7 may attract the possibility of disputes, legal entangles and accidents. Yin water in this area can balance this combo. # 3 and # 8 can be producing troubles too, adding a bit of fire can help, red carpet and Red crystal ball  


Hosting the yearly purple star # 9. The yellow negative # 5 is entering this area during July, the fire # 9 enhance the power of the negative # 5 and can attract complications, illness, and financial loss. To reduce the power of # 5 we can set up a metal Wu Lou  and  Three celestial bells

The annual fire # 9 is conflicting with the water star # 1 creating a conflict Chi, to balance and reduce the tension a few green plants in this area can do the job.

North West:

Houses with the mouth of Chi (main entrance) The yearly White money star # 8 is located in this area, in July the wood # 4 star brings along possibilities of success in study , money luck and career advance. Even so this is a good combo may produce illness for the youngest in the household, adding a bit of fire element can control it and enhance the money star # 8.   Lotus candles and  wealth cabinet 

The # 8 earth and the # 9 fire can bring money luck, relationships, and success in career.


The #8 white earth stars fall into the North this month together with the annual # 3 produce the bull fight combination and can produce troubles, fighting, legal entangles. The # 8 and # 4 can bring success on studies but on the negative side can produce illness for the youngest in the family. To reduce the influence of # 3 and # 4 add a red Crystal ball, Great increasing jewel or a red carpet on this area.

North East

The water # 1 and the metal # 6 (metal produce water) are creating a very auspicious combination and can bring fame, success, relationship, career, and financial luck.

The # 1 water with the black earth # 2 is a very inauspicious combination (earth control water) and can attract illness, fighting and relationships problems. To reduce the Chi of the black # 2 adding a Wu Lou and a Saltwater cure can be of great help. 


The # 1 and # 6 combination (metal generate water) combination can bring fame, success, relationship, career, and financial luck. The # 5 yearly yellow earth is creating a domination combination with the # 1 fortunate water star, and may attract accidents, illness, and financial loss. To balance Saltwater cure 

South East:

Two metal star are meeting is this area the white # 6 and the red # 7. The sword fight may attract accidents by metal, legal complications, loss of wealth and illness. The black earth # 2 and the red metal # 7 may produce relationship complication and loss of wealth. Make sure to remove any red color in this area, add a Saltwater cure, and Healing Wu Lou


The red # 7 and the wood star # 3 can produce accidents, financial hardship, discord, and legal entanglements. Yin water on this area can help. The earth # 2 with the red metal # 7 can produce relationships complications that can lend to financial loss.

The black earth # 2 and the wood # 3 may attract legal complications, accidents, and financial loss. To control this negative Chi, The three celestial bells .