Feng Shui and the Mouth of Chi ... March

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 2/27/2018
Feng Shui and the Mouth of Chi ... March

Pay attention if in this sector is located your Mouth of Chi (front door) Office or bedroom.  

These are the houses, offices and bedrooms with the most complicated Chi during March.

North, Southeast, East, and Northwest. 


Due to the presence of #5and # 9 combination beginning on Monday, March 5th, the Feng Shui energies change for the month. This combo in the Mouth of Chi ( front door) of a home, office or bedroom can produce and affect the whole family with serious problems of health (accidents) and finances. Be extremely careful as this could cause major loss of career, opportunity, or present serious business problem. Please remember this sector also hosts the 3 Killings, complicating this energy even further.

Remove any red color of this area. The sound of a grandfather clock next to this area can turn poison into medicine.The 10" bejeweled Five element pagoda, glistening in vibrant color and design, is used to suppress down the menacing effect of Five Yellow in 2018.

A few plants next to the mouth of Chi (front door) like white orchids (metal color) grow in moss (no earth) can help to keep the 3 killing at bay.

Southeast Mouth of Chi (front doors) and bedrooms should be extra cautious with irritation, legal entangles and being confrontational this month. Keep tempers calm.

East Mouth of Chi (front door) and bedroom may bring aggravations and angers. Watch out with health (a medical check will be good during this month) Watch for stomach problems, feet, or the return of illness. Do not take chances with money. Patient is the key.

Northwest, (Mouth of Chi) bedrooms. Be aware of illness during this month. Accidents and injury are possible.  Healthy plants placed in this area may help to control this negative Chi.