Feng Shui Tips to Celebrate 2020 That Will Attract Good Luck into Your Home

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 12/26/2019 to News
Feng Shui Tips to Celebrate 2020 That Will Attract Good Luck into Your Home

Throughout the ages and in every culture, there are rituals and superstitions associated to New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The New Year’s Day celebration of the eve of Dec. 31 is different from the revelry practice for Chinese New Year, but you can celebrate both if you wish.

The entire house needs to be cleaned  a day before the arrival of the New Year but to ensure the good luck doesn’t accidentally get pushed out along with the bad, vibes sweep the home inward, collect the dirt, and dispose of it out the back door instead of the front one. 

On New Year's Eve all the brooms, brushes, dust rags etc. are put aside. People don't sweep or dust on New Year's Day because it is considered as also sweeping the good fortune away.

Purifying the house energy burning  sage and sealer with sandalwood incense. Filling some ceramic  bowls with sage leaves and water and ringing a Tibetan bell on New Year’s Eve . During this time, it is suggested to say prayers or mantras, which will positively change the energy of your home.

Open the front door at midnight to let the old year escape and welcome the new year.

Have a  try in your table with fruits symbolize the 12 months in one year. In Chinese, apple means harmony; orange / tangerine , success and money ; banana, harmony; water­melon, symbolizes round big money; papaya, good health; melon, round for money; pear, good health; grapes, abundance; pine­apple, success; mango, color of money; and lemon, removes bad luck.