February 2021 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

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February 2021 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

The # 6 metal star is a auspicious energy but the # 5 yellow visiting the center can produce all sorts of complications – strained relationships, unexpected expenses obstacles at work and health problems. Try to keep this area quiet during this month, and display a metal Wu Lou , and 28 Hums Protection Wheel

South East 

During February  the annual five yellow is being control by the wood # 4 star . At the same time, the # 7 red metal controls the wood # 4 . The red #7 in a way is reducing the power of the negative  earth # 5 but still may produce, legal tangles, illness, and relationship issues.  Cure for # 5  Saltwater cure , Pagoda with tree of Life 


The stars here come together to create a very auspicious combination. Fire #9 and Water #1 may bring fame and prosperity. The wood # 4 is balancing both stars # 9 and # 1 creating a lucky sector during February. As an enhancer the Asset Wealth Bull will be perfect for this area. 

South West

The SW represents the mother and affects those born in Sheep and Monkey years. This sector is afflicted this month and should be kept quiet. The bullfight combination here # 3 wood and # 2 black earth generate, fighting disagreement, argument, and legal troubles. The illness black # 2 and the yellow five are present producing illness and accidents. Avoid construction, mayor noises and set up  a metal Wu Lou and Nine Phoenix plaque.


Two wood stars are together is this area # 4 and # 3 creating an excess of  Wood energy and may brings severe emotional stress caused by aggression and deep-rooted anger, relationship troubles and Illness.The white metal # 6 may help to alleviate this combination. Water balances between   the wood and the metal. Use water ( like a small fountain )  and Peace and harmony apples.


The #7 brings violence, robbery, and money loss to the West part of homes. The presence of # 8 and # 1 may produce relationship luck, wealth, and fame. If the Mouth of Chi ( main door) is on the West display The  Anti Burglary Plaque with Door Guardians and to enhance # 8 and # 1 The ox finding treasure is a great choice.  

North West

The sword fighting red metal # 7 and # 6 white metal and excesses of metal can produce argument, legal tangles, and accidents. The fire # 9 can control the metal and  may produce some negative impact in this area. This area can affect the Patriarch and older males. Fire and metal can be balance with earth .Adding few clay pots with earth on this area can be of great help. Adding Yin water can reduce the metal element.  

North East

Both auspicious stars #  8 white  and fire # 9 are in the North east and can increase prosperity, career success and advance.  Try to energize this part of your home as much as possible. Brings the luck of both current and future prosperity. To reduce the black earth illness star # 2 a metal chime clock , or a wind chime can be of great help. To enhance #8 # 9  The rat & Ox perfect partnership enhancer and Tree brining 3 kinds of luck. 


The good combo for intelligence and relationship # 1 # 4  is great area for study this month. The illness black # 2  however continues to plague the sector, the black .# 2 controls the water # 1 and the wood # 4 controls the black # 2 producing  predisposition for relationships issues. Displaying a Dragon horse for success and carry a Health Talisman with tortoise and snake .Elderly and pregnant women should move out of North bedrooms during this month.

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