Double Humped Camel for Business Success & Big Profits

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Wearing a mat adorned with 8 auspicious objects as well as abacuses and parasols, this remarkable bejeweled red double-hump camel is believed to bring in business success and big profits from the difficult situations. For anyone in business, the double-humped camel is an important symbol as it ensures you always maintain a healthy cash flow.

Camels, well-known as "ships of the desert", are capable of trekking through the desert under extremely harsh environments for months with little sustenance due to their natural persistence and adaptability to the surroundings. They can store a large quantity of water and energy in their bodies and then consume them gradually. That's why so many entrepreneurs and businessmen admire the camel as a symbol of perseverance so as to encourage themselves to overcome difficulties in business with courage and determination.

Additionally, the 8 auspicious objects symbolize different types of good luck, including the Mystic Knot for harmony and well-being, the Conch Shell for bringing good news from near and far, the Lotus for kindness and purity of mind, the Victory Banner for success, the Treasure Vase for accumulation of blessings and virtue, the Wheel for spiritual wisdom and the Precious Jar for boundless wealth. Besides, the abacus represents prosperous wealth and flexible strategies to make money while the parasol provides safeguard against harmful spirits.

Display this auspicious double-hump camel statue on the desk in your house or office can assist you in not only managing your cash flow rationally but also going through business difficulties with flexibility as well as perseverance and even obtaining success and big profits from the difficult situations eventually. 

Weight: 375 grams , Height: 10.5 cm, Length: 11.0 cm, Width: 4.5 cm, Make: Metal and zirconia

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