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Posted by Original Feng Shui on 1/15/2018

In 2018, the due to the influence of Tai sui who is the Grand Commander of the Year, the Dog sign will experience ups and downs when it comes to the luck for wealth and you should not expect too much. career and money luck alternates between good and bad. There may be only a few opportunities but stay alert and be ready to take full advantage, so you can make them count. Money luck is up and down. Watch out for unexpected consuming and try to avoid being carried away by expensive plans and activities. Health, it will be easy to have some sort of bleeding condition; therefore, avoid risky sports, climbing high, and cuts. In romance, Dogs will be quite emotional, easily aroused to argue, and may lose control. Tai Sui Amulet for 2018  Trinity Of Victory Horses Hanging Keychain


In 2018, the Pig will see new opportunities. The male Pig has better luck than the female Pig they will bring good money-making opportunities for the self-employed. This is a lucky year to start any one of your plans to achieve long-term goals and lay a firm foundation for the future. you should not invest too much in opportunistic windfalls, to avoid financial losses. Besides, you will encounter a thief easily in this year and you should not show your wealth, or you will be vulnerable to theft. When it comes to love relationship, females will have better luck than males. Single females will have quite good luck with males and the chances to meet a good man and develop the relationship smoothly. health will be stable and you will not have serious health problems.    Life Force Chakra Energizer with Double Dorje Keychains

The Dog year is basically stable for the Rat. In career, you should put in more time and hard work. Obstacles in the beginning can be overcome and will ultimately benefit you. However, in business dealings, pay more attention to your relationships with people. Married If you are an office worker, you can expect the display of personal ability and may easily get the approval and promotion of a superior. rats may devote more efforts to work and ignore your love, so you should balance the time in work and love to avoid affecting your relationship. Generally, your health will be affected and you may easily get hurt, so you should watch out during 2018.  5 Element Pagoda Keychain

2018 is rather auspicious. Career will be smooth sailing during June and July. You can see benefits and profit from your arduous work. For salaried workers, a job promotion is possible through your own efforts, and you may think about moving to a better place. Be careful when making new friendships, as you may have to deal with people who frustrate you and consume most of your physical and emotional energy. Due to the punishment of Tai-Sui which damages the interpersonal relationship, the Ox may be highly likely to suffer the betrayal of long-term partners and the serious economic losses. In this year, you should pay attention to the relationship. During this year, you may encounter an accident, and some may suffer from backache or neck pain. pay attention to traffic safety while driving. Tai Sui Amulet for 2018

This year has mixed fortune for the Tiger. Whatever you do, no matter good or bad, think twice. The Tiger will have a year of changes taking place faster than they can imagine. People born in 1962 and 1974 can expect considerable rewards in career, and students born in 1986 and 1998 can expect academic results. In general, your overall luck will be stable, and the main delay will lie in your mood. When you have problems, you should analyze rationally and calmly and never hinder the overall development with the personal emotion. Single Tigers will devote most of efforts to career and ignore the love issue of yourself or others and your demand for love will be less than the past, so you will be more likely to keep single. Tigers will not have serious health issues in 2018. Dzambala Prayer Wheel Keychains in Silver

With the auspicious stars, good fortune awaits the Rabbit in 2018. It will be a year of bountiful gains for the Rabbit. In career, a dream is beginning to come true right before your eyes. Business affairs should speed right along this year. There is no holding you back from success. Cooperation helps you get ahead in business. Joint effort is particularly fortunate; two heads are better than one. This year the Rabbit will be blessed by the auspicious star and will bring you the good interpersonal relationship. When it comes to health, busy work and frequent social activities may lead to physical and mental fatigue. Life Force Chakra Energizer with Double Dorje Keychains

Because of the Sui Po or year breaker for the Dragon, overall this year indicates that you should not be overly optimistic. Things will change beyond your control. Life changes, whether pre-planned or unexpected events, will affect your career or business Money luck is not what you expected; it is difficult to keep and save, while it goes out easily. Be careful of over-spending and unexpected expenditures. Under the influence of conflict with Tai Sui, Dragon will have poor health and may be prone to sudden illness or accidental injury. In romance, the Dragon will be quite emotional and easily fight with a loved one over trivial matters. This may lead to separation. The best way to avoid this is to be patient.  Jade Emperor Heaven Keychains

With numerous auspicious stars, this is an excellent year for the Snake to embark on a new career with promises to be fruitful for the Snake. Your career will soar to great heights, bringing you wealth and fame. Investments will prove to be most rewarding. You can see big benefits and big profits because of your challenging work. Single Snakes will easily find an ideal one in various occasions, start a relationship and even get married. You should keep in mind that a good marriage is worth the waiting and put quality before quantity. Health complaints are insomnia and stress brought on by overwork. Those born in 1953 should refrain from climbing high. Watch your step to prevent accidents. Wish Granting Amulet Pendant

Horses will sail without any difficulties. This is an excellent year to push ahead with personal plans. A career switch will bring about satisfactory results. Money prospects are particularly rewarding. Good luck coupled with arduous work will bring about substantial gains. Whatever you tried without success in the past should be reversed with a totally innovative approach this year. Heath there are no serious problems, but take preventive measures against the flu in winter, and watch out for sprains in summer. For horses in love, you will be quite emotional and often quarrel with your lover on trifles; where there is a problem, you should solve timely, or you may break up. Married couples will have a lot of quarrels this year, so take care to control your temper.  Marriage Saver Keychains

The Sheep will find the Dog year with neither sign of danger nor major breakthroughs. Try not to set your expectations too high or you will be spreading yourself too thin. Resist new requests until you have fulfilled commitments already scheduled. Sheep will have an average luck for love in this year. singles will find it hard to change the present situation. Even if you start a new relationship, you may find it develop slowly, or break up quickly because you cannot put your heart and soul into it. Health may occasionally suffer from stress or moodiness, but generally good healthHayagriva Prayer Wheel Keychains

Luck alternates between good and bad. Be practical in whatever you do. workers and the self-employed should act within the confines of their own abilities. Do not trust anyone blindly. You will find it more rewarding to do everything for yourself. This is an unstable year, a time of floating and sinking. You will encounter obstacles in career and confusion in love.  If you are single, it will be unlikely for you to find a right one. Health watch out for eye diseases and heart related problems. Winning Luck Victory Banner Keychains

2018 its not a great year for the Rooster. Your luck is inconsistent. Obstacles stand in the way of your career. Salaried workers may find themselves ostracized by their colleagues while the self-employed may encounter obstacles and setbacks in business. Stiff competition lies ahead for you and make you feel a lot of pressure at work. Regarding money prospects, think carefully before you invest in anything. Money luck is not what you expected; stay away from gambling. Where love is concerned, it is not going to be smooth this year. Health you will feel busy physically and mentally. To prevent accidents and injuries to your limbs and head, stay away from dangerous sports. GARUDA WU LOU KEYCHAIN 2018