Chinese Horoscope 2019

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 1/2/2019
Chinese Horoscope 2019

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The Pig will find that 2019 is a year for defense, not for hostility. There are several obstacles to overcome. Beware of backstabbers. Like the previous year, Pigs may find luck in some areas of their life, but others will require hard work to avoid potential pitfalls. Pigs will most likely experience many emotional ups and downs, making them feel frustrated and sad at times. The self-employed should act within the confines of their own abilities. When dealing with people, be low-key and humble. Changing careers may bring unforeseen consequences, and in most cases should be avoided. Salaried workers will find it easy to have conflicts with the boss, supervisor, or someone close to you. Be more tolerant – working with a good attitude and without complaining will change your situation. Health can be rated as a mediocre category for Pigs this year. While there are no major illnesses on your horizon, Pigs will have to pay attention to minor ailments.

In romance, the Pig will be quite emotional and easily fight with a loved one over trivial matter but there will be plenty of enjoyable moments and new prospects during this year. Married Pigs will have a lot of quarrels this year, so take care and control your temper if you don’t want a relationship to break up. Single females Pig may start a new relationship in 2019. This year the Spirit Essence of the Pig is low, which indicates that inner strength and success luck are weak. It will be difficult for Boars to believe they are talented and able to accomplish what they desire, leaving you exposed to negativity. To combat this feeling, carry the Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain .

The year 2019 is the Year of the Pig, and the Tai Sui is in the Pig’s direction of Northwest 3. are advised to carry Pi Yao Sui amulet to ward off conflicts that could arise as you are either directly or indirectly clashing with the Tai Sui, This item could be used as a keychain or hung on a bag or purse.
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With auspicious stars shinning above, this should be considered quite a smooth year for the Rat. Expanding business or getting a promotion is easy if the Rat proceeds in a bold but cautious manner. This is an exceptionally good year for the self-employed. Rats need to make up for all the mistakes that you have made in 2018. your mind will be active. 2019 should be favorable for the rat at the beginning of 2019. If you are single, with love you will need to be patient. It seems that only at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 you might have an interesting meeting. This year you will need to focus more on the needs of the future, than on your wants now. 
Strengthen your inner essence by carrying a Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain and you can and carry the Peacock Mirror Fan Keychain to keep negative forces away.
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While last year was a difficult one in terms of relationships, Romance is not going to be plain sailing this year, so it is natural for you to feel empty and lonely.   Allow hard feelings to dissipate and see relationships with new eyes. Beginning in February and lasting three months, overall luck may not be at its best for the Ox, so some caution is necessary. Spend this time making plans and laying the groundwork instead of jumping in too strongly with major goals. Stick with it until you are satisfied with the results. Only then should you move on to another task. The self-employed will be bogged down by problems such as a shortage of manpower, or you may find yourself betrayed by people working for you. A jealous competitor or co-worker could attempt to harm your reputation so carrying the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain or Wealth Ship Amulet Keychain is advised as a method of warding off this negativity.Your common health complaints this year are headaches and ailments of circulatory system.

Because of the influence of the flying star 2 (illness star), there many born under the sign of the Ox who should be especially on guard where health issues are concerned. It is recommended for the Ox  to display a at  home a Healing Herbs Wu Lou and carry or wear a heal amulet Anti Illness Amulet  or Garuda Wulou Keychain.

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Wealth favor the 21, 45, 69 and 81-year-old Tigers in 2019. For the 45-year-old particularly, a windfall could bring unexpected wealth, as could positive results from investments. This is a year for the self-employed Tiger to be conservative and not to be aggressive. Be forewarned of obstacles you will encounter. Salaried workers should consider taking self-improvement or job-related courses. It is a year of pressure for the Tiger. There is a general feeling of helplessness and frustration, especially in the spring. Try not to get involved in matters that do not concern you, to prevent trouble and losses. Healthwise, you are generally in good health this year, though you may occasionally suffer from indigestion or insomnia. Tigers could tire easily and must watch the amount of work or activities they undertake. During this year, the single Tiger can enjoy the opportunities created by their new love partners all year round. They need to be cautious before getting involved in a romantic relationship during this year.  A prospective life partner is hard to find this year. You should not mistake friendliness for love. 
Carrying the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Keychain or Wealth Ship Amulet Keychain  protection against those who may try to destroy your reputation and harm your earning potential.
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it’s a positive year for horoscope sign of the Rabbit, with plenty of confidence and optimism to carry ideas and goals. Hard work will enable you to strive for the best results. There is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities.  You have good fortune; grab this opportunity to proceed with your planned goals. Where romance is concerned, singles should cherish all the opportunities you will be given. You may find someone you love in May or July. The confidence and positive attitude that you project will help attract admirers this year and love looks promising. The Rabbit natives are going to face some issue in their career due to their stubbornness in making everything perfect. You will need to accept that, in order to move on, you must fulfill only passable standards. Be aware of your capacities and accept only the tasks that you can finalize. Money prospects are good, but the rewards come from the effort you put into your work, not as a result of a windfall.  Health is going to be a mild one especially at the beginning of 2019, when your physical resources are not going to offer you support in order to finalize your work requests and task in stressful situations, take precautions against injury by sharp metal objects. The circulatory system and urinary tract may give you some problems. 
To ward off ill health in 2019 Carry or wear a health amulet Garuda Wulou Keychain Boost wealth luck with  Treasure Box Amulet Keychain, To enhance the luck of singles to find the right one, you can display a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf  in your bedroom .
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This is a mixed year. The Dragon must persist in taking the initiative and be decisive in order to make gains. Otherwise, things will go downhill.  A need to organize their financial situation and focus on financial balance and a better accounting. Between March and May of 2019, your monetary (financial) situation will progress, with benefits both from inside and outside, and you are going to have a substantial positive budget. Be level-headed when commencing new work operations; do not leave things to luck. Money luck is unstable. Cast aside any thoughts of greediness if you want to prevent financial complications. From September 8th through October 7th, avoid financial speculation of any kind. Health, watching your diet and alcohol consumption as well as getting extra sleep and avoiding stress will help give the immune system the boost, painful joints, rheumatism, and the like. Take special care in the spring lest you injure a bone or a joint. Love and relationship seem possible, and this could include an engagement. This is a good year for romance and marriage for females, while males may find themselves being neglected. Your most intimate personal relationship could be tense during the period from May 6th through June 5th. Married couples frequently fight over trivial matters. Gambling is not a good idea this year, and it’s advised that you lie low.
 Carry a Wealth Ship Amulet Keychain. Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain or Prosperity and Success Amulet Keychain. To boost your finance. 
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The Po Sui (Year Breaker) for the Snake indicates that you should not be overly hopeful this year. Things will change beyond your control. Life changes will affect your career or business, whether pre-planned or by unforeseen events. Mental, physical and emotional strength is weakened, and you may find it difficult to concentrate, believe in yourself and just get through the day because of low energy and vitality.  No matter whether you are a salaried worker or self-employed, your work will take double effort to receive a single measure of improvement. The  2019 is not the most suitable for changing jobs and, even less, for changing the activity field.  Money luck is not what you hoped. Be very cautious of investments and avoid overspending or making big purchases this year. Furthermore, there is a danger sign for getting involved with legal problems. Don’t do any risky activity to avoid legal trouble.  Pay attention to your health, snakes may experience illness or injury, especially by sharp metal objects. Take measures to prevent colds. Tiredness comes faster now to many Snakes, so bolstering the immune system helps. The path to romance is not going to be smooth; but it may take some extra work and you’ll need to convince yourself you are worthy of it, since self-confidence and enthusiasm are at a low. Married Snakes will be quite emotional and lose control.
Carry the Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain and a Pi Yao Amulet key chain 
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The Horse will move through 2019 without any complications. Good news can be expected. Career and money prospects are favorable. This is an excellent year to push ahead with personal plans. Can be a year of financial growth and business expansion, but also a year of inner reconstruction. Money prospects are particularly rewarding. Good luck coupled with hard work will bring about substantial gains. Luck will wane a little for some Horse in July 2019 and January 2020 there will be some conflict and fighting. Remember to be humble and make concessions; then problems will be softened. Avoid excessive spending. Health is affected by over-working this year. Take preventive measures against chronic illnesses caused by stress. It will take serious determination to remain clear of health issues this year. Watch what you eat and drink, get plenty of rest, exercise or meditate, and take time out for yourself. Love and relationships could be affected this year. This requires Horses to watch their words and actions around a partner, and to walk away from a heated discussion rather than trying to win a point.  This is a good year for dating couples to get married and a good year for female Horses.  Magical windhorse keychain talisman

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There is a mixture of luck, alternating between auspicious and inauspicious. In store for the Sheep in 2019. This is the year to make plans and to accept smaller successes rather than expecting major accomplishments. you should put in more time and work hard; obstacles in the beginning can be overcome and will ultimately benefit you. When dealing with friends, care must be taken to prevent acts of sabotage by others because of jealousy, frustration in the form of gossip or rumor will plague you. always Try to be humble to avoid nasty situations. Money prospects are average. Money comes and goes easily. Financial prospects for some Sheep show promise. Those to benefit the most from potential wealth luck are the 28, 40, year old.  Health watch out for backaches, problems of the limbs, and related pains special attention must be paid to your mind and body or serious ailments could arise as your health luck rating is poor. This means getting extra rest and avoiding excess in alcohol or stress. This is not a highly romantic year for Sheep romance it will be sensitive and complicated so perhaps the best to hope for is companionship rather than strong passion. 
Those in a relationship should be able, with care, to nurture their partner and enjoy peaceful times. Amulets to enhance the wealth luck of Sheep  Wealth Talisman in Gold Card and  Protection of Wealth and good name 
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Even though it may not be an outstanding year for the Monkey, there are aspects that show promise, and the Monkey is a resilient sign, capable of staying strong when things are difficult. Good news can be expected within the family.  When it goes to Finances It is possible to benefit from several sources of income because, besides your job, you could open a small business. Even so, it is not advisable to throw money left and right. Be careful of spending, don’t make risky moves.  Healthwise, apart from mood swings and insomnia, the Monkey will generally be healthy.  Monkeys born in 1968 should watch out for robberies which may result in serious injuries. Romance is around the Monkeys, but it won’t be easy and not every Monkey will find the love they seek. Those who do find love, or who already are in a relationship, should treasure it and make sure to do what they can to keep loyal and loving. This is a good year for romance and marriage for females. Romance for males will not be smooth sailing; it is going to be a complicated and confusing year. 
The Monkey is also indirectly in conflict with Tai Sui in 2019. Tai Sui amulet  or   Gold  Pi Yao keychain  
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This should be considered quite a lucky year for the Rooster, compared with last year with many auspicious moments and happy times to look forward to. While some areas of show slow activity, other areas shine and should be capitalized on.  Expanding business or getting a promotion is easy if the Rooster proceeds in a bold but cautious manner. There are signs of unexpected gains and supporters. But rigid competition lies ahead for you and makes you feel a lot of pressure at work. Though money prospects are good, your expenses will rise correspondingly. This is not the year to overindulge in expenses or to take risks with investments or costly projects. Be particularly cautious when signing contracts, to prevent financial losses. Health there are no serious problems. Romantic encounters are abundant, but Roosters don’t seem to be overly interested in seeking love in 2019 and could come off as unenthusiastic and bored.
Carrying the  Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain helps boost confidence and mental and physical strength.
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This is a moderate year for the Dog with neither sign of danger nor major breakthroughs. Where career is concerned, your rewards will be proportional to the effort you put in. It is very important to plan everything with great care and not to overlook the projects that you know are profitable, paying attention to others that may fail. There is a major risk of losing money and becoming indebted in 2019. . Keep a low profile and be humble when dealing with people. Don’t rudely criticize when you are emotional. Otherwise, you will easily receive backstabbing. Money luck alternate between auspicious and inauspicious Consequently, the harder you work, the more you gain. health is not foreseen as a problem for Dogs during 2019. Avoid stress brought on by overwork. Watch out for illness caused by fatigue.  Avoiding stress helps the immune system recover and avoiding overindulgence in what you eat, or drink should be paid attention to now. In romance It’s an active and social year for Dogs now and friends want to mingle. This is also a year when new friends could be made, so be open to meeting new people at social events or networking activities. Just don’t be too quick to trust a new person since you could encounter someone who wants to take advantage of you. Carrying the  Anti Illness Amulet   will protect your health.