Bodhisattva for the Sheep and Monkey PRINTED ON A CARD IN GOLD

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The gold amulet card is believed to provide protection against misfortune for the Sheep or Monkey-born.

As the "Great Illuminator" and a Supreme Buddha, the Vairocana, one of the five Diyani Buddhas, is well-known for showing the Dharmacakra mudra which is the meaning of the Dharma Wheel and related to the first sermon by Shakyamuni Buddha after attaining enlightenment in Sarnath. This Buddha can bring you spiritual benightments while the Dependent Arising mantra can achieve your goals and wishes in life.

In order to get enlightened and bring in career luck as well as mentor luck, it is highly recommended for those born in the year of the Sheep or Monkey to keep this mighty talisman close by, perhaps in their wallets.

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