Bodhisattva for the Horse, PRINTED ON A CARD IN GOLD

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The gold amulet card is believed to provide protection against misfortune for the Horse-born. Composing the trinity with Amitabha and Avalokiteshvara, the MhaSthamaprapta, described as a female buddha similar to Kuan Yin in appearance in Chinese Buddhist culture, is well-known as a symbol of wisdom. In Japanese Buddhism, as one of the thirteen Japanese Buddhas, MhaSthamaprapta is the symbol of wisdom from the moon while Avalokiteshvara is the symbol of the sun. Besides, the Dependent Arising mantra on the reverse of the talisman can achieve your goals and wishes in life. In order to get enlightened and bring in wealth luck as well as a life without obstacles, it is highly recommended for those born in the year of the Horse to keep this mighty talisman close by, perhaps in their wallets.

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