Black Tortoise Lunar Mansion Talisman Keychains

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This Talisman invokes the energies of the Lunar Mansions to help you get your timing right for everything you do or undertake. Feng Shui tortoise is the symbol of longevity and it stands for good health. Most feng shui consultants recommend to display a tortoise at home to signify its meaning in order to bring good health Chi.

It generates all the positive attributes of the Black Tortoise bringing support, endurance, good health, wealth, and longevity.

This talisman is excellent for anyone born in the winter months, for anyone wishing to invoke the qualities of the benevolent Black Tortoise, and in 2021, especially lucky for the Rat, Ox, Horse and Boar. You can carry this Black Tortoise Lunar Mansion Keychain with you or hang it in the North position.

Weight: 45 grams, Height: 10.5 cm, Length: 5.5 cm, Metal

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