Bejeweled White Dzambhala on Dragon

Bejeweled White Dzambhala on Dragon

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Featuring of sitting on dragon and carrying weapons, this beautiful White Dzambhala statue is supposed to bring wealth as well as career and success luck to us.

White Dzambala is the Buddha of wealth who has power to stop disasters and bring wealth according to the sutra. Invite him into your home to safeguard prosperity and increase income luck. 

It is said that White Dzambala Wealth Deity's image is able to bring much-needed income luck and improve the conditions for those who have been laid off from work or who need money to solve their problem. 

2018 is the year of dog that belongs to Earth element. Since Earth element destroy Water element, use dragon image to bring some water element to let feng shui balance (Dragon stands for Water element). 

The dimension of the Bejeweled White Dzambhala is approx. 4.5" x 3.75" x 6.25".  It is made of brass and heavy.

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