Bejeweled Pi Yao Seal

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The bejeweled Pi Yao Seal features a triumphant Pi Yao standing on a throne of gold ingots; the seal is embellished with sparkling jewels, gold accents, and a golden base. Use the auspicious Pi Yao to ward off bad luck, increase money luck, fulfill wishes, and increase positive Chi. The Pi Yao  is also famous for its obedient, powerful, and protective character. Pi Yaos – like Foo Dogs – will protect its owner from negative chi and illnesses.

 PiYao is also called  Pi Sou  or  PiXiu . Feng shui Pi Yao is the best Feng Shui product to appease Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter. The seal and the base can be separated. 

The dimension of the whole Bejewel feng shui Seal is approx. 2.5" x 1.5" x 2.25".  It is made of alloy.

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