Bejeweled Hum Pendants

Bejeweled Hum Pendants

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Wear this gorgeous Bejeweled Hum Pendant for longevity, happiness, and fulfillment! Many Buddhists believe that wearing the HUM symbol can ensure one with a good life and bring one closer to nirvana and enlightenment. Arouse self harmony, chase away worries, and relieve stress by wearing this necklace daily. The necklace is sparkling with lovely silver jewels and gleams in magnificence.

The Hum symbol is believed to be the foundation of all prayers and mantras, and is said to represent harmony between the heaven, earth, and mankind. Carrying the hum symbol can help overcome obstacles, serve as protection against evil spirits and misfortunes, and bring good fortune. Also, the hum keychain can grant its owner wisdom, determination, happiness, and fortune by arousing generosity, compassion, and kindness.

The Hum symbol is the seed syllable of the great Guru Rinpoche and is a powerful representation of good fortune and good wishes. The Hum symbol holds the great power of making wishes come true.

The dimension of the Hum pendant itself is approx.  1.75" x 1".  It comes with one chain for necklace and it is made of alloy.

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