April 2020 Feng Shui Chart Analysis

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April 2020 Feng Shui Chart Analysis

From just one minute to the next our world has been turned upside down. We are all required to stay home and our freedom as we knew it until a few weeks ago has been taken away from us. We cannot hug or kiss the cheek of those we love or shake the hands of our friends.  We still have no clue how long this will last. There is a lot of fear and stress going on. People are stocking toilet paper for some strange reason. No one is prepared for the health crisis of this magnitude. In Canada we are so accustomed to having everything we need. Now is a good time to reflect on what is most important to us and learn to take control of our lives.


April 2020 Feng Shui Chart Analysis

What does the Feng Shui chart tell us about the disease (Covid 19) and how do we stay healthy and strong? We can look at the monthly flying star charts of April 2020.

The 9 fly stars to distinct areas each month and the star’s location can have major impact when combined with the yearly flying star chart. Different star combinations can create different energy for each month.

On this, I am adding the Period 8 Flying Star chart to the monthly and yearly chart to see a clearer image of April 2020. Several Flying Star combinations are related to health issues and conflicting energies in this month.



Feng Shui period is a term used in the Flying Star School of Feng Shui (San Yuan) to describe the movement of energies is a SYSTEM  that deals with the time factor.

Each time period in THE FLYING STAR SCHOOL OF FENG SHUI last for 20 years and as there are 9 periods, a complete cycle takes 180 years. Period 8 started on Feb.4, 2004 and ends in 2023.   We are currently living in Period 8 which corresponds to the Trigram Gen in the Northeast. It represents the element of Earth, the Big Mountain ( stillness and knowledge).  This trigram also represents young kids, young males and rules the fingers, the nose and the spine. 

 Flying Star Combinations for April 2020 - Inauspicious Combinations

In the Flying Stars chart, the number on the right side represents the Mountain Star and indicates health and human harmony while the number on the left is known as the Water Star and signifies wealth luck. When bad stars (5 and 2  illness) fly into a particular sector for example, your kitchen which  belongs to the element of fire and number 5 and 2  stars belong to the earth element, fire produces earth which feeds those negative stars producing  family members to be more  predisposed to become ill.


On the Flowing Chart We Can See on the East and South East

#6 #7 and #7 #6: A very powerful metal combination it promotes quarreling, jealousy, cheating and robbery. 

Cures:  The Five Element Pagoda with the sacred seed syllables Om Ah Hum Metal Vu Lou 6 road wind chime, Tara Gau Amulet , saltwater cure.


#5 #7 and #7 #5: Illness including food poisoning, hearth and respiratory system. This is extremely negative in dining room or kitchen area.

Cures: Metal Vu Lou, 6 road wind chime, saltwater cure.


South and North East

#1 #2 and #2 #1: Marital problems, possible accidents with movements (driving) and health problems.

Cures: No red colors, no constructions, God of Longevity, Metal Vu Lou, 6 road wind chime, Tara Gau Amulet, saltwater cure, Marriage Happiness Ducks.


North and South

#3 #2 and #2 #3:  The bull fight combination brings legal entanglements, gossip and illness.

Cures: Metal Vu Lou, Red Crystal ball, Great Increasing Jewel with Holy Mantra.


South West   

#3 #5 and #5 #3:   Illness infections, gossip, financial difficulties 

Cures: Saltwater cure, wealth rat wind chime, metal Vu Lou.

North East and West 

#1 #9 and #9 #1:  Health and financial difficulties (the fire #9 conflicting with water #1)

Cures:  Use wood element, plants, green colors.


Flying Star Combinations - Positive Combinations

West and North West

#9 #8 and #8 #9:  Good for all sorts of activities - family harmony, career advancement and wealth.

Enhances:  2 Wealth Cabinets Citrine Tree.


#8 #1 and #1 #8:   Good for wealth and career.

Enhance: Monkey God sitting on a white elephant, Phoenix mirror with Mantra.


Center and North West

 #8 #7 and #7 #8:  Good for romance and relationship, wealth and fame.

Enhance: Glass Vase with 3 bamboo sticks and Red faced sitting Kuan Kung. 


#6 #8 and #8 #6:  Good for career, fame and reputation and real estate luck.   

Enhance: Glass Vase with 3 bamboo sticks and Red faced sitting Kuan Kung.