Anti Burglary Keychain Amulet

Anti Burglary Keychain Amulet

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Use this key chain protection amulet as a barrier against negative chi brought by the Robbery Star #7. 

The elephant and the double horned rhinoceros are both auspicious feng shui animals that represent strength and perseverance. The powerful animals will protect one against negative chi, hindrances, tragedies, spirit harm, and unfortunate events. The #7 Robbery Star has the ability to cause accidents, tragedies, robberies, and conflicts within relationships.

The color of black and blue enhance the power of the blue rhino and elephant. In 2018, the annual Robbery Star shifts to the East sector. You can hang this blue rhino elephant Keychain Amulet in this position to disolve the robbery chi.

The dimension of the feng shui Anti Burglary Keychain Amulet is approx. 4.5" x 1.75" x 0.125". It is made of alloy.

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