Annual Flying Stars Chart 2021

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 1/10/2021
Annual Flying Stars Chart 2021

Activating  Flying Stars Feng Shui, with remedies and enhances

Each space is exclusive, and following exact measurements and mathematical calculations, can determine the positive and negative energies of a place as the year change. With the assistance of Feng Shui remedies and enhances , you can control and reduce the damaging energy of some of the conflicting Stars  like 2, 3, 5, and 7,

The position of the Flying Stars will change accordingly as of Feb. 3, 2021. The Flying Star Chart position reveals the time and dimension of energy changes for each corner of a  house office or building. Understanding the energies remedy and enhances will assist you to obtain  the best during the year. Knowing the position of appropriate cures and enhancers to create energy vortexes that magnify positivity energy or reduce negativity ones.

Following are detailed analysis of Fengshui Flying Stars in 2021  cures and enhances.



The annual Heaven #6 white star fly into the center of the Lou Shu. The #6 star is a compassionate star and when activated with enhancers, can bring financial and career luck during 2021.  Star # 6 it is less powerful  during period 8  because it is not a timely star. The center belongs to the earth element. Earth generates metal so this is a  good relationship.

According to the classics, the center holds the "Heaven Heart", which means the energy here freely spreads to all the other eight directions. Therefore, if the center palace has positive “Chi” all the other eight directions will equally benefit.

The Center palace has no Trigram or gender, and the visiting #6 metal star will drain the earth-based center which can lead to a loss of wealth. To balance the energies for the year, we need to introduce some powerful earth cures into the center to balance this energy and allow the # 6 white annual star to be activated. Bejeweled Imperial Celestial Blue Water Dragons

The positive side of # 6  if activated correctly can encourage wealth, fortune, outstanding career, financial support, and popularity. One will also obtain benefactors who aid you in solving difficulties, particularly in business and sales. It is a star of authority. This is also the star that blesses one with the luck of mobility, for those seeking to work overseas. Although an auspicious star that can bring success and accomplishment, the annual  white  #6 star  on the negative side can cause problems with the liver and legs if located in a bedroom. Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier

Adding  some water colors such as bedspread   or pillows for the year like shades of blue, black, gray, and charcoal can help. Do not use real water. Avoid fire colors such as red, burgundy etc. and do not light candles in the center.  Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman for Mentor Luck

South East


As of of February 3, 2021, we have the annual five yellow star fly into the South East. The South East is the most hazardous sector in 2021.The deadliest affliction according to San Yuan school of Feng Shui, known as Yellow # 5. This sector should be avoided  if possible, as not to attract bad luck. Any significant activity that lasts more than 2 hours should be avoided in this area. 10in 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life

When the #5 Yellow star is a timely star, it can bring wealth and fame, but # 5Yellow is not a timely Star in Period 8. Southeast is related to wood element. Wood controls the Earth. When activated with regular traffic or noises, this inauspicious star can bring disaster, illness, lawsuits, and significant financial issues, obstruction, serious misfortune, mishap, diseases, calamity, family disharmony, family breakup, injuries, accidents, ailment, fatality, obstacles at work, an entire series of bad energy, all sorts of complications and economic failure. It is a star that will bring disasters extremely fast. Salt Water Cure

This a crucial area to treat carefully during the year of the Ox. If the Mouth of Chi ( main door) or the property is facing the South East is awful  because the continual traffic will stir up its negative tendencies, brining danger to the eldest daugther and to those born in the year of the Rat.  Element Pagoda Keychain Amulets with Tree of Life

Star Yellow  #5  is an earth star, the five-element method of reducing it is to introduce metal which is produced by earth.If the #5 Yellow falls  in the kitchen, whether you cook or not in the kitchen, the kitchen is still fire element which will strengthen  the earth  #5 This position can cause  illness, fatalities, and can cause bankruptcy. HEALING HERBS WU LUO    Garuda Wu Luo    Wu Lou Wind Chime


In 2021, the annual #1 water star has flown into the south. The essential energy of the south is fire (Li) which will be controlling energy from the visiting annual star. The south belongs to the fire element and water controls the fire elements there is a Water/Fire conflict, and we will need to introduce some powerful cures to maximize the visiting energy in this area in 2021.Wildhorse-Boosting Victory Flag

The water # 1white star bring good luck and nobleman luck. This is the star that will bring sustainable and favorable employment. Everyone who wants to see good public relations, achievement, in their career, promotion and grow in their income. It will determine the present and future of your career if you activate it correctly. can bring success and victorious luck to the Horse and all who live in homes that faces South. Activating the Star#1 will also be beneficial for kids sitting for important examinations. Blue Ru Yi with 8 Auspicious Symbols   Yellow Ru Yi with Celestial Dragon   

South West

During 2021 the element of the Southwest is conflicting with the quarrelsome Green Star #3 and with the annual affliction of the Sui Po.( 202.5 to 217.5 degrees) Southwest belong to the earth element. Wood controls the Earth so their earth related issues such as digestive problems. The Matriarch and those born in the year of the Sheep and Monkey are most afflicted.  Nine Phoenix Plaques

The wood # 3  flies to the Southwest bringing unnecessary argument, cruelty, gossip, and injuries. It brings disharmony and stress to marriages and office relationships. Court cases, litigation and quarrelsome energy will enter, and causes lose of concentration and make wrong decisions. If the southwest of your home or office has a main door ( Mouth of Chi ). Make sure that the door is not slammed as this will likely produce the unpleasant effects of Sui Po.  Red Peace & Harmony Apples

The influence of # 3 star can  also lead you to scandals. As it is a wood star, metal can be used to control but are risks to aggravate the annual #3  if big amount of metal is used ; metal colors are fine to use but do not overdo .Fire can be used to deplete it. But you cannot use real fire because real fire is impermanent and is a risk. Fire Dragon Holding Fireball Keychains

The southwest is especially afflicted in 2021 as we have Sui Po fall into the area, making this a dangerous place that will require treating. To weaken the annual wood  #3 star and appease Sui Po in 2021. The best cure to be displayed in the location is Pi Yao or a Wen Chang Pagoda. It is also wise to avoid digging and renovation in the southwest during the year of the Ox as this will irritate Sui Po and cause problems. If you cannot avoid carrying out repairs during 2021, make sure to choose auspicious day and time.     Apple Peace Keychain Amulets



The West is visited by the most prosperous white earth Star #8). The annual Wealth Star#8 is the most important star in the whole of the period 8.This wealth-bringing star brings in "current" wealth . The white star is the most promising governing Flying Star for the next three years while we are in period 8 (2004-2024). If left untreated, the essential energy of the west will weaken the influence of the primary wealth star for the year, causing financial and legal issues for the year ahead. Rat-Ox Wealth Enhancer Perfect Partnerships To Attract Big Wealth

If your Mouth of Chi ( main door) bedroom, office or any important area of the house is used frequently in the west this year you should make the most of this positive energy. Fame luck, financial gains , good career, and all types of good fortunes are part of from this star. This star can also shine brightly to bring you to greater heights in career and business especially to the Rooster as well as to residents of homes. OX FINDING HIDDEN WEALTH

While wealth is forecast for the west it is vital that you are prudent not to overwork this year as this can bring health problems. The additional work will bring a good income but be careful of your health stress-related, high blood pressure or kidney problems. Make sure to remove or keep away heavy metal from the west this year, as it will weaken the good earth and stop the #8 star from being activated   Asset Wealth Bulls   Asset Wealth Bull Keychain Amulets



The annual red metal #7( broken soldier) fierce star fly into the North West  As we are fast approaching Period 9 in 2024, this violent star had turned extremely aggressive. This star has the risk of causing arguments, burglary risks, deception, theft, backstabbing, and overall bad luck this year especially for the eldest male (Patriarch) the Pig and the Dog.   Anti Burglary Plaque      28 Hums Protection Wheel

It can cause chaos, financial losses, and mental breakdown. It will create disputes and make people get furious for no practical reason. In general, it brings disturbances, turbulence, lost of lives, violence, financial losses, fire, injuries by sharp objects, family  fighting, armed burglary, and theft. Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet   BLUE ELEPHANT & RHINO WITH TALISMAN FEATHERS AND ANTI-ROBBERY AMULET

If you have  your Mouth of Chi ( main door) or office in the northwest, be careful of people trying to deceive you, robbery, arguments, and loss of wealth. Be sure to avoid earth colors, red and crystal on this area.Kuan Kung Anti Cheating Amulet Keychains

he North West belongs to metal element, there is a risk of excessively metal energy on this area. A good option to reduce the metal element is removing metal furniture and color like silver, copper, gold and white.

Another way to reduce Metal is to increase Water element such as blue, black color or fish tank or fountain. Night Spot Protection Amulets



The North is not a great area in 2021, the Illness Black Star #2 flies to the North. It is one of the evillest stars and is charging fiercely. Besides being infamous for provoking health issues and aggravating existing medical complications and can bring financial and illness problems to all occupants of the home or office, particularly the middle son and males in general and those born in the year of the Rat, will need some extremely powerful cures during 2021. This star also represents arguments, gossips, and slander. Healing Deer’s Carrying the Vase of Longevity with Linzhi

Those with a Mouth of Chi (main door, bedroom, or kitchen in the North needs to be aware for danger and long-term illnesses.Garuda Wu Luo   Medicine Buddha Amulets for Good Health & Protection

North belongs to the Water element. Earth controls the Water element so there will be Water-related diseases such as kidney or urinary function. Avoid any construction or renovation work  during this year in  this location as such activities can intensify the negative effects.Tortoise-Snake Health Talisman Amulet Keychains

Do not place any fire colours in the North in 2021 such as red, pink or purple. Keep doors closed when possible. Use colours white, silver or gold . We to add more Metal elements here to the Earth # (2 Black star) and balance Water and Earth.  Medicine Buddha and the 7 Sugata Gau       Buddha Vairocana Card

North East


The annual  fire #9 purple star has flown into the North East, and the essential earth energy of the North East will be waning the auspicious influence of the positive visiting star Since we will be entering Period 9 in 2024, this star is becoming stronger as a indication of wealth during its transitionary period. North East belongs to the Earth element. Fire generates Earth so this is an auspicious It is a great area to activate wealth luck.Nine Golden Dragon Plaques

Unfortunately, the North East  is the location where Tai Sui is sitting (Grand Duke Jupiter). The Tai Sui is a serious affliction that must not be taken lightly. This year the Tai Sui occupies the North East ( 22.6 to 37.5 degrees), which is a 15 degrees span. Introducing elements to enhance the annual star in 2021 to assure that future wealth is protected and enhanced during this year. The #9 Purple  star of future wealth and has a positive influence in Period 8. Career opportunities and promotions are possible, and this is especially the case if you have an office or main door in the North East in 2021. There is fame and acknowledgement, growth, and improvement.The North East benefits the youngest son, the Ox and Tiger.  Wealth Cabinet in Red

For Mouth of Chi ( main door) or  houses that are facing North East are considered as in confrontation with the Tai Sui, and those born on the year of the Dragon, Dog, Sheep and Ox are considered as in confrontation with the Tai Sui of the year. It is better to display the  Tai Sui Plaque in this area as a way of paying  respect to the Grand Duke Jupiter and seeking blessings from Him. Houses sitting North East facing South West or Sitting South West facing North East need to carry along during 2021 The Tai Sui Talisman or Pi Yao amulet because you are considered as either offending or confronting the Tai Sui, even if your zodiac sign is not affected.The Tai Sui plaque 2021   9 Rank Badge Plaque    Tai Sui Amulets 2021



The #4 wood star flies into the east and can bring a lovely influence to your home or office and  when activated correctly, briniging to the Rabbit lots of love and romantic energies. The #4 is a conditional star and has the good as well as the bad side but  it is quite stable and neutral, during period 8 . (2004 – 2024).  On the good side, this Star will bring luck in networking, noblemen, literary pursuits, nobility, wealth, and even good romance that may leads to marriage. On the negative side, it can bring conflicts, third party involvement in marriages and sex scandals. One must display a positive enhancer to release only the good energy. If you ignore it, then the bad side will become more pronounce. While the #4 star is a  relationship star, when activated correctly, the east can bring fantastic career prospects and boost productivity in the workplace.RABBIT IN THE MOON Love Enhancers

For those who are studying  activating this star also benefits those who are seeking, good improvement in studies, and do well in examinations. The wood # 4 is also a "peach blossom" star. For singles who are looking for new love and romance, and couples seeking to strengthen their romance,  correctly activating this star fast results can be archived .This star not only does it bring love but a relationship that creates true joy. Enhancer the East this year it’s a must as we also have the Three killings visit the East . Make sure you place the annual cures and enhancers.   3 Celestial Shields      Marriage Happiness Ducks

East belongs to  wood element It can create excessive wood energy. We can add  bit  of Fire element to reduce the wood element . Display a bit of  red color ( do not overdo  ) or anything gives out light and heat (electronic)Enhancing Relationships Amulet Keychains   Love Amulets with Moon Rabbit

Do not place any real fire ( candles ) or metal elements or colours in the east such as , orange, purple, burgundy, lilac, pink, white, silver, gold, copper or bronze or any heavy metal objects as these will destroy the auspicious influence that the annual #4 .Bejeweled Red Tara

We can enhance this  intelligence Star by displaying Chinese" ink brush or Wen Chang Pagoda. 9-TAILED WHITE FOX LOVE MIRROR    Manjushri Dhih Scholastic Amulet Keychains

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