9-Dragon Kwan Kung Holding Qing Long Dao

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Kwan Kung surrounding by 9 dragons and holding the guan Dao sword is the famous Chinese God of War. It is regarded as the God of wealth as well as the protector of the politicians and business leaders alike. Guan Dao sword with dragon pictures can prevent from bad energy and evil. He is the God of the protector.

Kwan Kung is also known as Kuan Kung, Guan Gong, Kwan Kong, Kuan Kong or Kong Chang. He is one of famous Chinese general during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China (206 BC - 220 AD).

Displaying Kwan Kung in the home facing the front door ensures that his fierce countenance any ‘killing breath’ and bad things that may be coming through the door will be frightened away. It is said that all negative energy does not dare enter with the presence of Kwan Kung present. It is at its most powerful if the image is place in the entrance or location of  the red flying star #7  is located.  At work, place the image behind where you sit at work so that you will never lack powerful support from key people.

The dimension of the Kuan Kung  approx. Weight: 870 grams, Height: 19.5 cm, Length: 12.0 cm ,width: 9.0 cm. Make: Metal

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