8 Wealth Trees
8 Wealth Trees

8 Wealth Trees

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Featuring 100 lovely colorful birds perched on wish fulfilling tree,  this Wish Fulfilling Tree represents to bring good opportunities, happiness and prosperity as well as peace and harmony.

Red birds have the meanings of power and good omen of happiness, such as marriage, birth or romance.

White birds stand for purity, peace and harmony.

Green birds represent growth and success.

Blue birds offer wishing luck and protections

Orange birds bring good fortune and prosperity

Yellow birds are for extra income and wealth.

Due to the enhancing power and positive potential of this star, we highly recommend everyone, especially all business professionals who wish to have a greater money-making opportunity ahead.

 Everyone wishing for better financial health and prosperity Luck.

 Anyone living in Southeast Bedrooms or have the Mouth of Chi (entrances) in the Southeast.

 All those born in year of Dragon and Snake, and Eldest Sons of the family

 The dimension of it is approx. 7" x 6" x 2 3/4".

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