8" Tri-Colored 5 Element Pagoda

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The metal tri-coloured Five Element Pagoda with syllables Om Ah Hum is the essential Feng Shui cure to diffuse negative energy in the area around it. It is also the perfect protection against various malicious stars, such as the 5-Yellow star which creates accidents and monetary loss, and the #2 Sickness star, which is the cause of illness and disease. On the square base of the pagoda is inscribed with the mantra of wish-fulfilling to spread out powerful blessings. Place it in the Southwest to purify the disaster energies brought by the 5 Yellow Star and in the Northeast to dissolve Star 2.

Make a silent wish each time you see this Five Element Pagoda in the Southwest of your home. to invoke the mantra that is believed to grant wishes. This activates the mantra placed at its base.

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