5 Element Pagoda Keychain

5 Element Pagoda Keychain

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Only use Five Yellow Star cures for one year; if used for more than a year, the cures will have absorbed too much negative chi and be ineffective. The Five Yellow Star brings ominous chi, and may cause numerous misfortunes, tragedies, danger, and illness if not suppressed.

In 2017, the Five Yellow Star is in the South, and is expected to be especially strong. Place the pagoda in the South location for enhanced power. The sun and moon will activate lunar and solar currents; use this Sun & Moon 5 Element Pagoda to suppress the Five Yellow Star’s malevolence.

The pagoda features the hum symbol and the lotus flower, that also have the immense power to divert the Five Yellow Star. The Hum symbol is believed to be the foundation of all prayers and mantras, and is said to represent harmony between the heaven, earth, and mankind.

Carrying the hum symbol can help overcome obstacles, serve as protection against evil spirits and misfortunes, and bring good fortune. Also, the hum keychain can grant its owner wisdom, determination, happiness, and fortune by arousing generosity, compassion, and kindness.

The Sun Moon 5 Element Pagoda amulet keychain is approx. 5 1/8" in length. It is made of alloy.

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