2020 Flying star annual analysis for the year of the metal Rat

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2020 Flying star annual analysis for the year of the metal Rat

Each year the “Chi” pattern brings distinct effects. Some of these special effects are auspicious and beneficial and some may be inauspicious and negative. The effects of the 2020 energy pattern are evaluated. Each star analysis contains suggested remedies or enhancements for each area.

Remedies are recommended to reduce negative “Chi” and Enhancements are recommended to enhance beneficial energies . These remedies or enhancements consist of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

To use a remedy or enhancement, it must be placed inside the house within that area where the star is situated . If more than one room exists within an area, then each room needs to have its own remedy or enhancement.




The Seven Red Metal Star fly to the Central Palace in 2020. Is variable in period 8 at time inauspicious and sometimes auspicious.  Seven Red is also a star of declined luck and symbolizes loss, dispute, booze and women, and affair. Make sure that you keep the centre of your home as quiet as possible If you have a room or spend a lot of time on this area  be careful of people trying to deceive you, robbery, arguments and loss of wealth.  Display the  Blue Elephant and Rhino with Talisman Feathers and Amulet in the center of your home or living room to remedy. Everyone should carry the Anti-Robbery Amulet Keychain to avoid getting defrauded



Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

NO construction or ground digging.


The inauspicious star Five Yellow Disaster Star falls in the East. Disaster, misfortune, disputes, accidental injury and bleeding, is the most inauspicious star among the nine stars. The 5 Yellow Star is an Earth element The East Section is the home of the 3  Jade Star which is related to gossip, lawsuits and robbery. The 3 Star is Wood element. Wood dominates Earth, so the East Section is not an auspicious area.  If your main door,  bed, or stove is at the east position of your house, you will be prone to have accidental misfortunes, bleeding, financial losses and disputes. This Star brings danger to the eldest son and to those born in the year of the Rabbit. Keep this sector quiet this year. Cure with the 5 Element Pagoda with Om Ah Hum in the East. Avoid having any renovations in the East this year. Do not place red and yellow items at the east direction.





Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

The 2 Black Ju Men Star visits the South this year. 2 Black is Earth element in charge of illness, pain and accident. The South is linked with Fire. Fire feeds 2 Black Earth, strengthening the illness 2 star. The Disaster Sha and a direction damaging Tai Sui, the power of negative Chi  can be extremely strong  if the main entrance or bedroom  falls in this Section you should be careful of conflict with others or money loss and be on guard against unexpected casualty. Afflicts those born in the year of the Horse. As this is an Earth star coming into a Fire corner, its negative energies are very strong this year. You need to pay extra attention to the health. Place a Metal Wu Lou and The God of Longevity and carry a Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet. 



Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

No moving Water in the North.


The #3 Jade Star flies into the North sector for the year, and you should try to avoid using or activating this sector as much as possible. 3 Jade is Wood element, it is associated with  quarrelsome aggression, expansion, gossip and legal problems. The North is the home of the 1 White Fortune Star, and it is Water element. 1 White (Water) and the 3 Jade (Wood) are in an stimulating relationship. 1 White and 3 Jade in the North make this Section very strong for self-motivation and moving forward., it is inadvisable to have moving Water in this area to prevent the occurrence of misfortunes such as lawsuits, financial losses break-ins or robbery. A red carpet by the front door to control # 3, the Fire Dragon Holding Ball or the Red Crystal Ball   in the North. and carry the Red Dragon Anti-Conflict Amulet.



Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

Peach Blossoms that may lead to problems for married couples.


This year the 4 Green Literary Star visits the Southwest. 4 Green is related to Wood. The Southwest is Earth element. Wood dominates Earth. The #4 Green It oversees academic, scholarly pursuits, and those who use this sector will find themselves excelling in their studies. people who are involved in academic and research work will benefit greatly from using the Southwest sector, and the effects will be evident in the work they produce. The auspicious 4 gives the  Southwest strong money luck and Peach Blossoms, especially for males to attract a female. It is also good for artists and people in entertainment industry.Place the Marriage Happiness Duck  here to improve your marriage potential. This star particularly benefits the Monkey and Sheep, as well as those living in homes that face South West 



Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

Avoid ground digging or construction.


The 9 Purple Celebration Star is in the West this year. This Celebration Star gathers with yearly auspicious Stars making this Section strong in Peach Blossoms and money luck. The effects of the 9 Purple in the West sectors suggest potential success through the demonstration of one’s talents and capabilities. You will benefit greatly from expressing your skills and attributes. However, there is the likelihood of suffering from depression and some form of emotional instability. Sitting or sleeping at this direction may benefit your future work or fortune a lot, especially investments. All homes should place a pair of Wealth Cabinet in the West to strengthen this excellent star.




Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

Avoid ground digging to prevent conflicts; arguments and misunderstandings.


The 8 White the most prosperous star in charge of luck and fortune is in the Northwest Section this year. It brings fame and wealth. The 8 White Star is Earth. The Northwest is the home of the 6 White Fortune Star, which is Metal element. The productive relationship of Earth and Metal make this Section quite excellent. In Feng Shui, 6 White and 8 White together means “when Heaven comes to Mountain, a billionaire is made”. These two White Fortune Stars together make the Northwest a wealth-making and power-enhancing ,if your Main Door is in this sector. abundance and prosperity will just flow into your life continuously and effortlessly.The Wealth Star can bring brilliant luck to the Dog , Pig and to the Patriarch and leaders. It also makes the North West  an excellent area of the home to enhance and keep active. Place the Rat & Dragon Prosperity 8 or the Golden Rat holding a Coin in the North West. You can also enhance the auspicious energies with the Wealth Tree with Mongoose & 6 Birds.





Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

Not beneficial for over-aggressive expansion. Stay away from extramarital affair.


The 1 White Fortune Star visits the Northeast Section this year. 1 White is Water element. This Star represents wealth and  affection. The Northeast is the home of the 8 White Star which also brings fame and wealth. 1 white and 8 white have a domination relationship. Even though these two fortune and money Star are hand in hand, there are also inauspicious Stars in this section during 2020.  Where possible, consider using a Northeast Main Door or entrance door. The #1 White in the Northeast sector indicates the possibility of fresh beginnings and new ventures and projects. The #1 White can also lead to good name and reputation and bring about nobility. However, depression and emotional instability can also be a potential problem. This victory-bringing star improves the luck of the Tiger and Ox. When enhanced, it brings easy success over any challenges one faces. Place the Windhorse Boosting Victory Flag in this corner to activate.




Main Door, bedrooms, or study rooms

Not beneficial for artists, writers and those working in the entertainment industry.


The 6 White Fortune Star visits the Southeast in 2020. The 6 Fortune Star is a sharp yang Metal. The Southeast Section is the home of the 4 Green Wen Qu Literary Star, which is Wood element. The combination of the Wood of 4 Green and the Metal of 6 White creates a domination relationship. This year, southeast is not an auspicious direction. If you have a southeast-facing  door, your fortune may decline. This Star benefits the Snake and Dragon,display the Wealth Bull on your work desk if you belong to these two animal signs, and the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman in the Southeast of your  home or office to attract opportunities and luck.