2018 Flying Stars Forecast

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2018 Flying Star  Annual Analysis for Year of the Dog 



In 2018, the # 9 Purple Star visits the center. This is a star that could be positive or negative. It depends on how it is associated with or how we make use of it. We are currently in Period #8, which is known as the #8 White Star (earth) in the center.  As Fire produce #9 earth it feeds the good star #8 making this area as a productive relationship between both stars. An image of a Bejeweled White Dzambhala on Dragon, phoenix or red bird will help to create more success and future prosperity energy. If you have a bathroom, garage or other unfortunate rooms located here, be sure to add something red and bright.Bejeweled White Dzambhala on Dragon


This year the East is hosting the # 7 red star (metal element). This is a fighting and competitive star (the broken soldier) The East section is the home of the wood # 3 star. The combination of both stars creates a domination relationship, since metal dominates wood. A Home that faces or sits in the East. Those who are most vulnerable to this negativity, are Rabbit, Kua 3 and the eldest son of the family and those who spend plenty of time in a room located in the East sector. If you spend more than eight hours per day in this area there is potential of leg injuries as well as throat discomfort are possible.  The best way to overcome this affliction is with water, which is auspicious in the East during 2018. Water is the best way to weaken the red #7. Pictures of water, blue colors, and aquariums (make sure to keep it clean) are all easy ways to boost the east sector and take the bite out of the #7 Star. If you have a fountain here, make sure it’s not too noisy. For those who have Mouth of Chi (homes facing this direction). Place Anti Burglary Mountain with secret Mantra here to subdue the #7.  Overcome the Yin house and yearly conflict with the Yin House Mirror.  Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras   6.5 Inch Big Size Yin House Mirror


The # 8 White Wealth Star visits the southeast in 2018 and brings wealth and fame. The element of the #8 White Star is earth. The southeast section is the home of the # 4 Green Literary Star, which is the wood element. The combination of the wood of #4 Green and the earth of #8 White creates a domination relationship (wood dominates earth). This makes the southeast section not exactly beneficial in real estate or the construction business.  You can expect good financial returns in your investments and to progress in your career. It is recommended to use this area as often as possible to give your reputation a boost. People born under the sign of the Dragon, or the Snake being the first daughter in a family and Kua 4 persons are under the positive influence of this star in 2018. Mountain of Gold with Mantra is designed to activate the Annual #8 Wealth Star to bring money luck, or to enhance the Mountain 8 Star to promote good relationships and health. The Southeast is the sector that represents growth and career luck. The Mountain of Gold   Bejeweled Wealth Granting Trees

On the negative side there is also the potential of bone pain or broken limbs. Moreover, miscarriage easily arises in pregnant women. In 2018, the inauspicious Sui Po Star is there, so avoid digging in the earth in this section to prevent some unhappy things from happening.


As the # 5 Yellow that plagued the south sector last year flow into the North giving it pass to the # 4 Green Literary Star into the south. This star also represents creative and academic achievement and Peach Blossom. The #4 Green is wood. The south is the home base of the #9 fire Purple Celebration Star. Fire and wood create a harmonious relationship. The Horse, Kua 9 and the middle daughter are especially blessed by this Star. Anyone who travels for work, makes a living writing, communicating or teaching or is going to a university or is engaged in studies or research. The #4 star also brings recognition and romance energy that can help propel your name and acknowledgment. Dragon Tortoise will provide the student with a higher chance of receiving monetary aid and merit scholarships.Make use of this sector, as it will bring strong romantic Chi (Peach Blossom) and satisfactory results in academia, for students. On the negative side if this sector especially if this area is over-activated with a water fountain or aquarium specially it falls in the Mouth of Chi (main entrance) housewives should be on guard as romantic affairs are easily aroused.Education and Scholastic Keychains


The #6 White metal Fortune Star falls into the southwest. It is a star of authority and power and wealth. The southwest section is home to the #2 Black earth the illness star. Earth and metal are in a productive relationship, making the southwest a beneficial section in the year of the Dog. In 2018, The matriarch, those born in the year of the Sheep or Monkey, and whose bedroom is located here will especially be benefited. Southwest bedrooms are beneficial for finding a compatible life partner or having a baby.  This star mainly influences the Sheep, Monkey and Kua 2 people. The White # 6 Star brings windfall potential to the whole family in the coming year for those with a front door that faces southwest. Heaven Prosperity giant coin plaque is designed to invite the wealth-bringing energy of metal from Heaven. This golden plaque featuring the good fortune symbol Dragon is an excellent enhancer for the Star#6. Gui Ren Talisman Plaque invokes the blessing from the Jade Emperor to attract Nobleman luck into your life. Nobleman luck brings powerful benefactors and mentors into your life who will help influence and shape your future in a positive way around business, career, love, health or family. if the external environment does not support this sector or if your bedroom is located here, may cause feelings of loneliness and sadness. It can also cause sudden changes; so, stay alert, especially if it concerns your career. KUAN YIN ON SNOW LION


The # 2 Black illness Star visits the west this year. Its element is earth. It represents sickness, gossip and misunderstandings. The west is the home of the # 7 Red Star, which is metal element and has a fighting nature. Even though metal and earth are in a productive relationship together make this sector strong luck for doctor or medical related business. It will be also quite beneficial for attorney or legal adviser to expand their business. The Black #2 Star is a troublesome type of star. It creates problems wherever it goes, such as an illness or annoying financial difficulties, easy to encounter fighting, gossip, and legal problems. Be on guard for these problems if you use this section as the main entrance. The youngest daughter in a family and the Roosters are most in danger of harm from sudden or prolonged diseases. On the positive side, it will be a bit weaker in 2018 because it falls to the west where the metal energy will drain out #2 star. Display the  Bejeweled Medicine Buddha in the west as it is also good for countering the Reducing energy star. You should place the  here to protect against illness energy. Garuda Wu Luo   Luohan of Longevity  GODDESS KUAN YIN WITH GARUDA 


The # 1 White Fortunate Star is in the northwest this year. Its element is water and brings wealth, fame, romance, and benefit from negotiation. The northwest is the home of the #6 White Star, which is the metal element. The productive relationship of metal and water make this sector strong both in money luck and Peach Blossom. (Metal) delivers energy to the #1 White (water) so it becomes a wealth-making and power-enhancing sector. The # 1 white star benefits the Patriarch, as well as people born in the year of Dog or Pig and Kua 6. For the houses where the Mouth of Chi (front door) faces this direction, these houses will especially benefit.  The same is true if your bedroom or office is located here.  Windhorse Over the Sea   Winning Luck Victory Banner Keychains


The North is the most dangerous area of your home as the # 5 Yellow Disaster Star is in the north. The Yellow Star stands for delays, obstacles, fires, lawsuits, sickness, and casualties. Its element is earth. The north is the home of the # 1 White Fortune Star, water element. The (water) and the (earth) are in domination circle. It should be avoided for all significant activities or even, if possible, completely avoided! This is the most negative section during the year of 2018. If the Mouth of Chi (main door) or bedroom falls in this sector and no remedy is applied, an unexpected casualty is quite possible. To prevent the occurrence of misfortune, it is inadvisable to dig in the earth or do construction inside or outside the house in the north. If for emergency reasons you must renovate it, you will do so by choosing a good date that has been calculated. Rats and Kua 1 and the middle son will be under its influence this year. The #5 Yellow can cause injuries from accidents to occur. If this is your bedroom or front door, is on this sector avoid any dangerous activities, such as scuba diving, hiking alone, or driving carelessly.  Place the 5 Element Pagoda with water wave to subdue the yellow five. The3 red Lions here to control the 3 afflictions of the 3 killings. Three Red Lions Remedy for Three Killings  10-Inch Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda  


The Northeast is occupied by star by the Jade star# 3 wood element which brings bad luck, lawsuits, disputes and calumny ambition, expansion, gossip, argument, misunderstanding, fighting and robbery. The northeast is the home of the # 8 White Wealth Star which brings fame and wealth. Its element is earth. Earth and wood are in a domination relationship. It can bring money loss. It is not advisable to do any kind of career expansion or try for a break through. Ox, Tigers and kua 8 people will be the most affected by this Jade star. Bedroom in this section is not beneficial for young people or pregnant women. There is also the potential of bone pain or injury to the four limbs. Do not attempt to use yang water element on this area to control #3. Display the Red Apple near the Mouth of Chi (front door) to promote peace and harmony for the home. Activate the Big Auspicious Star with the Treasure Chest Talisman. Red Apple with Peace Symbol  Treasure Box Amulet Keychains