2018 Afflictions & House Renovation Rules

Posted by Original Feng Shui on 1/16/2018
2018 Afflictions & House Renovation Rules
The center, south, southwest, southeast  are good areas to renovate to bring an extra boot of auspicious Chi into the home as long you begin and end in the center sector of the house. The rules are simple begin your renovations in an auspicious sector and end in an auspicious sector. This is the key to help not to get in conflict with the major afflictions.

In case you need to work on any of the affected areas please referred to our calendar on line:or seek professional date selection advice for selecting a date to do construction, renovation or repair.

Grand Duke Jupiter  Tai Sui 

The Grand Duke Jupiter, God or the Year or Tai Sui is a powerful, astrological energy. The Tai Sui for the Year of DOG is Great General JIANG WU. He will take over the Grand Duke role on 4th February 2018. This corresponds to the 19th day of 12th lunar month, which is still a Rooster Year.

The Tai Sui prefers serenity, peace and calm but creates a unpleasant negative energy if provoked or confronted. According with Chinese mythology, the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is a position in the celestial heavens which oversees the world's affairs for a year. A person's happiness, health, luck is all under his watchful eye.     

Houses facing, especially with doors located facing NORTHWEST 1 ranging from 292.6 to 307.5 degrees will face the most problems. With Tai Sui located in your front door, you may find it difficult to progress. In offices, it creates unnecessary delays, disruption of plans, unexpected legal hassles, robberies, anxiety, people turning against you and loss of money.

It is prudent to not execute any type of renovation, change or movement to the directional area in which the Grand Duke Jupiter resides for the year.

Confrontation of the Grand Duke can also be an issue for those whose zodiac sign is in conflict (directly or indirectly) with the Tai Sui of the year. During 2018 the Dragon sign is in direct conflict with the Grand Duke and indirect conflict of the Dog, Sheep and Ox.

It is often recommended that if your astrological sign is in direct or indirect conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter for the year that a Pi Yao should be worn or carried on you always. Likewise, if your main door, living hall or bedroom is facing his direction.  

Dog :  2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934

Animal year: clash with Tai Sui, which means constant choices, changes and impacts. 

Dragon: 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928 

Conflict with Tai Sui: which means move, long journey, changes, obstacles and false alarms. 

Rooster: 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933

Harm Tai Sui : which means harm, damage, jealousy, bully and bewilderment.

Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937 

Punishment of Tai Sui: which means destroy, damage, mistake and operation. 

Sheep:2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931 

Destruction of Tai Sui: which means vile character, monetary loss, and divorce.

On the positive side the power of the Grand Duke also can be of tremendous support if we keep him behind our backs. For example in important meetings make sure he is behind you and that your not facing towards him.  

San Sha (Three killings)  

The Three Killings is one of the major annual afflictions in Feng Shui and this year, the Three Killings spread across the North (337.5-22.5). San Sha is worse if it is in the back of your home. The Three Killings will show its ugly side if you conduct construction in the backyard area. As a caution, it would be wise to include repair, renovations, construction works and too much noise. It is best not to disturb this area and keep it quiet. It is of utmost important that the ground or location in which the Three Killings resides during the year should not be disturbed at all costs. Otherwise, the household will meet with three types of misfortune.        

The Remedy of the Three Killings

One way to apply a remedy for the Thee Killings based on the five elements is using an element that is exhaustive for the direction from where the three killing are coming from, (North) this year  lush plants are part of the remedies. The 3 Killings, Fu dogs, Chi Lins, or the 3 Celestial Guardians, will be able to counter the influence of the 3 Killings and offer you protection.

Sui Po (Year Breaker)

Sui Po also known as the year breaker star is always located opposite to that of Tai Sui. This year is located in South East (112.5-127.5) degrees. It is like the Tai Sui and you should avoid doing any digging work in this area, repairs, renovation and too much noise. If Sui Po is disturbed it creates problems related to health, robberies, legal hassles, loss of wealth.

The yellow Five

In 2018, the # five Yellow is extra strong because the #1 White (water) and the #5 Yellow (earth) are in a domination relationship. Additional there are numbers of inauspicious stars also gathering in the north, making it the most unfavorable section during this year. To add more to the damage the yellow # 5 is together with the  # 3 Killings, creating an even stronger malevolence energy.

This affliction affects the north this year and is the strongest in this located in the Mouth of Chi (front door) bedroom, kitchen, office. Make sure to keep this area quiet, and do not have any flames (fireplace) or candles here if at all possible, and remove all red colors and yang water (moving water).

The regular cure for the yellow #5 is a wind chime of moving metal to diminish the bad energies of #5 but this year it not going to do much use because metal elements will inadvertently stimulate the 3 Killings. The best cure this year is the sound of metal produce by a grandfather clock.

If your kitchen falls into this area (north) the yellow #5 is greatly aggravated by real flames such as from a candle or stove. If you have a stove (gas stove) with real flame, you need to set up a cure of yin water   next to the stove (a metal or blue container with water while the stove is in use such as cooking).