108 Tangerine Tree ( Lime tree)

108 Tangerine Tree ( Lime tree)

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Welcome good fortune, auspicious luck, and positive chi into your life with this magnificent Bejeweled 108 Tangerine Tree! The 108 Tangerine on the tree represent plentiful wealth, financial luck, and personal growth for the year and activates the #8 star. 

This beautiful item will not only add sparkle to your room but will also enhance good luck and auspicious chi: granting you all your best wishes and increasing your wealth chi. The tree is decorated with vibrant tangerines, sparkling jewels, a golden trunk, and a base with Chinese inscriptions of good fortune.

The Tangerine is regarded as the most auspicious fruit in Chinese culture and is often displayed and used as gifts during Chinese New Year and other festivals. Giving others, a tangerine plant represents sending good fortune and best wishes. The tangerines are said to look like gold dangling from the tree; Chinese people love to display tangerines and tangerine plants for a fulfilling year filled with prosperity and positive chi.

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