Space Clearing Set

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The effects of space clearing are infinite, being one of the most powerful rituals for clearing, purification and harmonizing energies in psychical spaces and lives. This allows us to re-energize the space and gives a person a brand new start. Set contains:
The heart soap bar can be used in the shower or bath. When showering, simply let the warm water run over the bar and onto your body, this will allow the salt to soothe skin and relax toxins. During a bath, let the bar soak in the tub and dissolve, like a bath bomb. These natural crystallize bath products are widely used as natural health alternatives. Can be used after any spiritual work .

Himalayan crystal salt is 100% pure and the most beneficial salt available. Himalayan bath salt is a natural detox and it makes the bathing experience more relaxing and soothing. Natural bath salt is often recommended for stress, fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, muscle spasms, aches, pains and skin conditions. Can be used to clean Feng Shui cures.

Top quality white sage is used for clearing, smudging, and cleansing. Place the sage bundle in the bottom of an abalone shell or other heat resistant dish, it's also wise to add a little sand for insulation. Ignite the leaves, blow out flame and the sage will release a cloud of white, purifying smoke. When you're finished with the sage, cover it with sand and leave it in the container. When you want to use the bundle again, just shake the sand off. The smell of white sage brings a sense of peace and clarity, while clearing negativity from the room.

 Sandalwood Nature's Garden is a top selling premium incense which is made using the traditional method of hand rolling in India; non toxic, all natural. The ancient Masala Method of making incense uses only natural essential oils, flowers, spices, aromatic herbs, natural resins and other aromatic substances blended in a paste which is then hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick.Used for sealing after Sage