Luohan of Longevity

Luohan of Longevity

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Luohan of Longevity, who has long eyebrow and sitting on the crane bird, is the 15th Luohan among 18 Luohan in the Chinese tradition. He represents good health and longevity.

In the Chinese Tradition, the 18 Luohans are Deer Sitting, Happy, Raised Bowl, Raised Pagoda, Meditating, Oversea, Elephant Riding, Laughing Lion, Open Heart, Raised Hand, Thinking, Scratched Ear, Calico Bag, Plantain, Long Eyebrow, Doorman, Taming Dragon and Taming Tiger.

Furthermore, Luohan of Longevity is also an compassionate elder and he is perceptive of the infinite universe using his powers of enlightenment. Crane bird in feng shui is also the symbol of longevity. 

You can display this beautiful Bejeweled Luohan of Longevity statue in the location of flying star #2 located (It is in West in 2018). The dimension of it is approx. 4.25" x 3.25" x 4.5".  It is made of brass.

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